{ MUSLINS, TOILES } Call them what you want…they suck!

See, this is the reason I absolutely HATE doing a muslin/toile.

Every single time I muslin, I lose interest.

I muslined up the maxi dress bodice & now Ive lost the will to actually make the real-deal dress. What is with that ?

Its annoying..

Does that make me an instant gratification sewer…is there even such a thing?

Muslins, in some instances, are VITAL, especially when you fear cutting into an expensive piece of fabric.  Now Poppy is sitting pretty with a great fitting maxi bodice & Im over it. Im so over it, I feel like the maxi is done & dusted – moving on.

& I was so darn excited about my maxi.


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{ KNIT } What next & freebies…

Since I was almost finished on the Kim Hargreaves Sizzle, I naturally started looking at my what my next knitting project could be.

Similar to sewing, there are a million things I would like to knit, but time is evil! While I was perusing the net, I found this really cool website that offers plenty of free knitting/crochet patterns. Overall,I do love that there are so many { FREE } knitting patterns on the web, why spend good money on pattern books when we can spend good money on awesome yarn right?!

Problem is, there are so many lovely patterns to choose from… but I think I may have settled on a shrug this time…you know, the itsy bitsy thingie that keeps your shoulders warm. Not the lacy type, the chunkier more grungy type….watch this space!

On the sewing front – I have muslined up the maxi bodice! The urge to have the Sizzle finished was more important that the maxi, but now that the Sizzle is complete, Im looking forward to getting back on the sewing horse.

Will post pics of the Sizzle soon.

Thanks for stopping by & have a great weekend x

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I could never { EVER }  go on a fabric buying diet. I simply love the stuff too much.

And I dont buy fabric every day or even every month – but when I see something that I love & can visualise it as a garment, then I will indulge in a metre or two. Sales do help with persuasion.

A few weeks back, I indulged

With this soft cotton floral from Komolka in Vienna, floral_komolka

and this black & white stretch something something from Stoffwelt in Wiener Neustadt, b&w_fabric

and more recently with this floral silk from the Wenatex Haus der Stoffe in Salzburg, floral_wenatex

oh & this cotton “oil painting” masterpiece panel also from the Wenatex shop in Salzburg..oil_wenatex

The florals are destined to become maxi dresses (see Mapping a Maxi), & the panel directly above I think I might use for the front of V1174 which is a Cynthia Steffe strapless number from Vogue which Ive been coveting for some time. I would leave the back in plain black but carry through the contrast piping to tie it all together. Im thinking a deep magenta or purple piping!! What do you think??V1174

Id better go & get on with the muslin for the maxi…yes, Ive picked one 🙂

Thanks for stopping by x

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Maxi dresses made a huge comeback last summer… I had my head up my ass & completely missed it. Lucky for me though, they seemed to remain for this coming summer. Ive narrowed my inspiration down to the following :

Roberto_Cavalli_maxi{ source : roberto cavalli }maxi_inspiration

{ source : pinterest }wallis_UK_maxi

{ source : wallis }

The Cavalli number is pretty in a very simple way & I have just the right fabric for it HOWEVER, Im thinking my ample bosoms might spill right out. I may have to try a muslin of this first!

The yellow is of course gorgeous & far more modest but who wants modest right??!

& the zebra…oh the zebra.

So its decision time…which one do I sew?!!