{ 2013 } in review…

I think I did pretty good this year, certainly managed to make the most Ive ever made in 12 months…. { EVER }. 28 or so garments (including my 3 knitting projects) but excluding some little kiddie crafts and one or two projects from yesteryear that I had to go back to for whatever reason.

My favourite me-mades were these…


These are the NL6191 pants which I {ADORE}. So comfortable & effortless, easy to dress up or stay casual. I’m pretty sure I’ll be making more of these soon.

mmmay2013_day21This lovely V1027 dress is a super huge hit. I love the fit, the monochrome fabric choice allows it to be paired with absolutely any colour. Its such a fantastic pattern that comes together in no time, with very little hassle. I know some of you have had fitting issues with this pattern & Im so sad for you, honestly. Ive worn this to death & I’ll be making more!

NewLook_6150_proteaNewLook_6150_frontYou can read all about my love affair with this NL6150 pattern here & here. I cant count how many ways I love this pattern. The autumnal colours came first followed very shortly by the white version with the protea applique. I wear these both regularly, in fact, Im wearing the floral one today!! I will be making more of these in 2014 for sure.


This little red number was a happy accident really. Its made using the S1642 pattern which had to be adjusted but Im loving it & its always in the wash when I look for it so that means Im wearing it too much 🙂


Last but not least, my Sizzle knit which I haven’t had the opportunity to wear that much but when I have, Ive just wallowed in it. Alot of work, but fun to knit. Im obsessed with the white & get a real kick out of wearing a knitted garment in summer-ish…ok, perhaps not on those strip-down-and-sew-in-undies days in august,but youknowwhatimean.

Ive already got some plans for my 2014 sewing schedule, some challenges indeed. The crazydontgiveafuck ange decided to order 3 wishlist patterns recently before the sensiblegivesafuck ange could kick in. All 3 are big hits in the sewcialist world & I would not be at all surprised if I am the last to join the rodeo. Let’s see shall we 2014.

On that note, {HAPPY HAPPY}. Stay safe wherever, whatever or however you celebrate the New Year.

Thank you all for sharing your 2013 with me x


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{thought bubble} completed vs satisfied


A thought crossed my mind today that made me stop & really think about how i wanted to feel about my finished projects.

Do i want to be satisfied that i just finished it OR do i want to be proud of a great piece of my work?

The answer of course was {TIME}!

Time to appreciate & be grateful that a) I have the means to these great sewing possibilities and b) when I have the time, I pledge to do the best job I am capable of even when I’m frustrated and have to re-do a seam or a zip or a button.

That said, at what point does the need to complete a project outweigh the need to take your time & produce a decent, satisfying project? As I think of these questions, I cant help but think of all the NY resos that were made to (as an example) make 12 dresses pieces in 12 months or make a dress a week etc. Im not bashing the NY resos, oh no, Im simply wondering how many of these projects will just be completed vs great pieces of work. Thats all. Anyone have any thoughts ?


{AWOL no more}


Today has been a very good day – I have my new cast. {BIG GRIN}. A “sports” cast as they call it, all mellow yellow of it. I had the choice of dark blue, light blue, purple, green or yellow. I should have gone with the 2013 colour of the year….thereby ticking that box for the remainder of the year but alas, I went for the colour that makes me happiest of the bunch & besides, this was the only colour I thought I could live with for 5-6 weeks. These sport casts are as solid as the plaster casts but weigh much less so it was a no-brainer to be honest. It is also full weight bearing so I can move around easier albeit still with the help of the {STICKS} for now.  I removed the hideous “shoe” that straps onto this cast because believe me, you dont want to see it. A combination of grandpa shoe & more velcro you have not seen.promise!

This means, more sewing to come….{YAY}…as you know I still have V8550 to defeat.

Thank you for all the well wishes. I didnt want my {CRAFT} blog to suddenly feel like an {ACHES & PAINS} blog but you know….shit happens & you gotta roll with the punches.



{Pantone 2013 Colour of the Year}

PANTONE 17-5641 Emerald, a lively, radiant, lush green, is the Color of the Year for 2013.

{Emerald Green} – at first I was a little disappointed but then when I started to see all the vibrant emerald green garments hitting the stores I have to admit, I kinda got a little excited.

Lime green, bottle green, teal green, pale green – I have worn these all somewhere before & since I am not the biggest fan of green garments I am surprised by how many greens I have worn in the past but I have {NEVER} worn emerald green.

I had to stop as I walked past this pulli at Esprit. What an amazing colour & held up against me it didnt look half as bad as I thought it would.



{source :}

So then I started looking at my favourite websites to see if there was any more inspiration to get me to buy into this 2013 colour of the year…..{AND LOOK WHAT I FOUND}…


{source : etsy oh kuol}


{source : supplies4parties}

Even if emerald green is not your colour to wear, incorporate it into your home, your jewellery, your nails or even your upcoming parties. The shinnier the better I reckon.


{winding down…}

this image was taken as the sun set over thira (santorini) in july - one of the most magnificent sunsets i have ever seen
this image was taken as the sun set over thira (santorini) in july – one of the most magnificent sunsets i have ever seen


2012 has been one tumultuous year. its been exciting, confusing and turbulent to say the very least however, it has been satisfying and fun in many ways too. i have had hardly any time to sew or craft since the first part of the year was so demanding work wise and the second part of the year left me feeling like a nomad. relocating country (again) in search of a new home and longing to settle! thank goodness that stage is over and now we can move on. we are blessed!

i am pleased 2012 is winding down. pleased to leave behind the turbulence however a little anxious in many ways as to what 2013 will bring. i always reflect on the year gone by and start by thinking about where i was this time last year and funnily enough, i always end up thinking the same thing –

“if someone had told you this time last year you would be where you are now, would you have believed them?”

i feel like as long as i feel i have moved forward, learned something though the year, grown emotionally and spiritually, then i really should have no regrets and love the year for what it was.

so as 2012 winds down and 2013 approaches, i give thanks for where i am and what i have managed to achieve this year and i feel content. i know that everything is as its meant to be and look forward to what the coming year has to offer.

stay well, stay safe and all the very best x