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{ VOGUE 1247 } Rachel Comey top…

Friends, Ive been scarce around the blog due to a combination of things really. Work, stress. Then I got sick. Its just made me really tired and in the meantime I lost my sewjo so bad I started wondering if it would ever return. Luckily, Im getting back into it but the break has been good.  Trust you all had a good Christmas (if you celebrate) and I’ll wish you all a good New Year now.

This V1247 pattern had been on my wishlist for forever but it was only once I saw “Seeker of Sewing Highs” Sophie’s insanely gorgeous version, did I gasp & decide I had to have the pattern.  Don’t get me wrong folks. There were some stunners out there already, Sophie’s just spoke my kinda language. Luckily for me, Vogue were having a sale at the time. { WHEW }.

I knew just what I was looking for in fabric too – something soft & patterned without a pattern if you knowwhatimean. I wanted the panels to mismatch but be matched at the same time to show off the front panels. Anyway, once I stumbled upon this cotton/silk (70%/30%) blend, I knew immediately it would be the one & due to all the lovely reviewers who agreed the pattern runs rather large & one can easily go down a size or two, I ordered the minimum of fabric & used every last scrap. V1247_front V1247_back

She sewed up without fuss. I took great care in matching up my shoulder pleats and did my best to align the front panels. As 2 separate pieces (top and bottom), the seams aligned perfectly but once I sewed together the top portion to the bottom, my lines were off slightly so I didnt get the perfect point but hey-ho I swoon at all the other bits of perfection.V1247_alignmentV1247_pleats

With french seams throughout and a lovely bias neck facing, she’s casual but with some awesome finishes. I didnt fold my sleeves over as instructed because my fabric, while beautiful, is not that slouchy slouch so when folded they just stuck out too much overall & decided therefore to leave it sheer.

My fabric is sheer but perfect for summer & you may be wondering why Ive been sewing summer instead of winter… Simple really. Im headed home on holiday for 3 weeks soon. Home means hot, summer, friends & family – a decent vacation. Its been 3 ½ years since Ive been home.

I cannot wait!

A xx

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{ VOGUE 8907 } Marigold Superwoman…

This Vogue 8907 makes me laugh out loud. Vogue8907_front1

Its so pretty but view A is every inch Superwoman…which is why I decided to make that particular one. Just like every kid needs a Superwowan/man cape to insist on wearing to school & grocery shopping, I need a Superwoman top to wear to every meeting! haha Vogue8907_front2

Sadly, this pattern is now OOP. { SORRY FOLKS }. There aren’t that many made up versions on the internet either. Erica B made a beautiful cobalt blue version in silk & Melanie made one in red but besides those 2, Ive not been able to track any others of view A as yet.  Have you perhaps made this ?

To be honest, I finished this months ago together with various other pieces. Ive just been so crap at taking photos so forgive me.

Right, down to the deets :

I used the beautiful yellow silk crepe de chine (14mm) that I purchased & blogged about earlier in the year. Its such a happy colour that yellow. For any of you wanting reference, its code is 2035 Bright Yellow. If you click on the post Ive just mentioned above, the details of where I purchased is all there with a contact. Zoe is the nicest lady & she’ll be more than happy to assist you with silk buying.Vogue8907_side1

The silk was not the easiest to handle but I tried to cut single layered where I could. I also used silk pins within the seam allowance to avoid any unsightly holes which regular pins sometimes leave in silk. I also used tailor tacks to mark instead of chalk or erasable pen. There were only 3 pieces to handle in total so it really wasn’t too bad.  Im currently working with the hot pink silk received at the same time as this yellow & its already giving me far more trouble….but the project is far more complicated though.

The pattern was easy with the most ‘difficult’ part being the gathers at the shoulder. Sizing seemed pretty spot on at the time but having photographed this a few months later, it seems I have some excess space under the arm area but this could have something to do with loosing some inches since I sewed this.  { DOH }. Vogue8907_closeup

The edge of the ‘cape’ is my favourite part looking so whispy & super feminine. I achieved that by stitching a few mm from the edge…just a plain stitch. Then I used that stitch as a guide to turn over a small hem & stitched it again. Perfect finish.

I love the billowy cape back the most I think. Its fun, its unique & you certainly don’t see a top like this every day. Im so glad I bought this pattern & I look forward to making more of these.

A good weekend to you all.



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{ VOGUE 8888 } Sleepwear…

Im notoriously bad at buying sleepwear. What I do have lasts me forever because to be honest, I dont wear that much sleepwear. Sounds weird I know but in the past its been too easy to throw on a t-shirt & shorts or sweats & be done with it but Ive come around to the thinking that some pretty sleepwear is not a bad thing. Ask the hubster, he’ll tell ya its a great thing.

So I decided to give V8888 a try. I chose the cami & the panties/shorts to start. I wanted to see what the fit was like before I made it with something expensive like charmeuse so I pulled out this really old stretch something or another that ive been hoarding for years. I never really loved this fabric so it seemed like the perfect option for  a muslin if you will… but as you know, I do not like that particular “m” word.

The first thing I noticed about the instructions is they fail to mention that pieces 12 & 14 are required! These pieces make up the cups of the cami & the yoke front so IMO, very important pieces. Anyway, now you know. Apart from that little error, instructions are good.

I did not use lace overlay to my cups because this was a (insert “m” word here) remember. I overlocked all my pieces and the cami came together remarkably quick. As it started to take shape I realised I actually liked how it was looking so I decided to add some lace trim to the bottom of the cami & the knickers once it was all finished. For the straps I used double organza ribbon in cream & brown with little bows on the ends. The little shorts are so easy to make. 2 seams, some elastic & lace trim & they done.

As much as I love you all, this quick iphone image is the most you’ll be getting out of me as far as finished garment is concerned.  Vogue8888_sleepwear

Its cute huh?!

Overall, a great pattern with additional length on the cami as well as another slip & gown options. I do love the Vogue patterns with multi-garments in one envelope – they are such good value for money. This pattern is still available in print so do check it out if you looking for sleepwear.

Keep sewin’ on xx


{ REVISION } Somethings been bugging me…

…and it was time I tackled the beast.

Im sure many of you have made garments that look fabulous on the outside leaving much to be desired on the inside. My Wildest Dreams dress is one of those & now that Autumn is here & Im able to make use of the dress, with tights of course, Ive found myself loathing the way in which I finished this dress on the inside.  I was going to include pics but then I changed my mind. I feel dreadful about the standard of finish as it is, I really didnt have to reinforce that by adding pics so I could be forever be remembered as “The One that sews such shocking innards”! No, Id much rather be remembered as “The One that was too embarrassed to show the shocking innards”!

Moving right along shall we?!

If you’ve read my Wildest Dreams review then you’ll already know I sewed this dress under pressure. I was working full time during a stressful project and studying a full time syllabus after hours, with exams. To top things off I had to have surgery the same time to fix some of my own innards! Stressful would be an understatement perhaps. Anyway, we apparently make stupid decisions under stress….I took on the V1207. In my defense, it was meant to be an easy peasy project with amazing results. It ended up being one of the hardest dresses to fit & you might have seen a few other sewcialists tackle this dress with disappointing results as well.

Fitting issues aside, I really didnt take much care with finishing my seams well at all & while the fabric is beautiful, its one of the hardest Ive had to sew ever. Its a drapers dream but it frays like all hell & even though I pinked some seams, I didnt do them all. I should have overlocked all the seams for a neat finish – stress must’ve told me to leave them raw!  { DUH }.  Another problem was the zip! The dress has a very low back which I love but it was far too baggy at the zip area. I can only think this was due to post-surgery swelling. { TIP } : Never fit anything post surgery!!!

So the task lies ahead, fix all the seams so they dont fray & fit the back. Im quite keen to install an exposed zipper to the back actually….maybe in a bright blue to match the fabric, what do you think??  Im even thinking about removing the pockets alltogether. I never really liked the way they hung. Either way, the dress is under construction.

I cant wait to feel better about it.

Do you have projects with dodgy innards ? Have you gone back to fix the problems or do you wear the garment carrying around your little secret ??  Do share.

BTW, are any of you participating in #RedOctober ?


{ VOGUE 8827 } Progress…

Even though the weekend hasn’t quite panned out the way I had planned in my mind, Ive still managed to spend some time in the sewing room today scratching my head over V8827.  The collar has been a real biatch my dears. Its had me cursing in every language I know. First I pinned the back to the collar section on incorrectly { FUCK }, then once I had re-pinned & sewed I realised I had put the collar on back to front. { SHEIßE }. Pulled everything out, start again. Then came the puckers. { FOK }.  Never.ending.nightmare.

Alas, Ive taken a breather to pin the berryliciousness to Poppy & admire her thus far.  What is it about a garment that gives you trouble every step of the way but as soon as it starts going well all is forgiven….I mean completely forgiven. { AMAZING }.V8827_progress1

Im not entirely satisfied with the way the  extended collar is draping due to the collar being self-faced. Hmmm…what to do?! Leave it the way it is or change it now before I sew in the back yoke facing …. perhaps with some steaming the fabric will drape better! { DECISIONS DECISIONS }

Also, I have not stitched the side seams as yet but I have a sneaky sneaky suspicion I have some serious adjustments to make to the side seams. The dress just seems far too big at the moment but then again, Im yet to try it on my own body. There is a good chance my ass & bewbs might fill it more satisfactorily.

Ok lovelies, trust you’ve had a good weekend. More soon…x


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{ VOGUE 8827 } Has gone nowhere…

Last time I mentioned V8827 it was well underway but since then Ive done el-squato!

I had big plans to sew this past Sunday however little did I know we would only crawl through the front door after 3am post wedding….yip, we had an absolutely { FANTASTIC } time.  The bride & groom could not have been more blessed with a better day.  It was so much fun to spend quality time with friends so I cant say Im bummed for having not been in any shape to sew on Sunday as planned. I know some of you wanted to see pics of the dirndl I wore & I will get to it, I just haven’t had time to even upload the pics let alone process them…..coming soon { PROMISE }.

As you know, Ive started german school so my mondays & tuesdays are full 8 hour school days but hopefully the rest of the week I will have the afternoons to sneak some sewing in.

Ok lovelies, trust you’ve had a good start to the week x



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{ VOGUE 8827 } Cut ‘n Ready to rumble…


Vogue 8827 is well underway…after a shaky start!

Firstly, I didnt have nearly enough fabric to even get the short version out so I beetled off back to the fabric store for more, all the way praying they still had this colourway in stock. When I purchased this fabric I didnt have this dress in mind, I just bought some because I loved the colour…just so you dont think Im an egg-head for not buying enough. { OK }. So once I got the extra piece home it needed to be washed which I smacked through on Saturday evening & by Sunday evening I had already cut more than half the pieces.

With German school starting this week, I pretty much came home pooped both Monday & Tuesday. Sewing does calm & clear my mind but I felt exhausted & didnt want to make any mistakes or worse still, cut my finger off with the rotary cutter. Since today was a shorter school day, I came home feeling stronger & cut the remaining pieces.

So Im all cut ‘n ready to rumble.

The cutting process was quite tiring in the sense that viscose jersey rolls & flops so its quite difficult to get a hand on it but now that the cutting is done, Im excited to start the sewing process. { GRIN }

A wedding this weekend has scuppered my plans to sew on Saturday but I see  you Mr Sunday… & its a date. { BTW }, this will be the first traditional wedding I attend in Austria & therefore the first time I get to don a dirndl.  I hate to admit this but I did not make my own dirndl. At first we weren’t going to wear traditional kit but last weekend we decided why the fuck not??!….. The thought most definitely crossed my mind but I couldnt find a dirndl pattern I fancied. Lord knows I have enough fabric to whip up a few… so if any of you lovelies know of a great dirndl pattern, please leave the deets down below. Thanks

Okie dokie thats all I have for today x