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I used to cross stitch, you know, those little kits, normally squares with teddies or flowers or whatever.  I also enjoyed it but WTF do you do with a hundred 10 x 10 teddies or flowers? So I gave away all my cross stitch kit years ago – 10 x 10s included.  Progressing onto bigger projects should have been the way to go but I guess I got bored.

Then I see an ensemble like this!  Look at all that colour, look at all that work.              { S W O O N }.

Thou shall not be tempted by cross-stitch – with sewing & knitting, my life is full. enough. thank you.

But a girl can have a good ‘ol perve right?!

Happy Friday all, have a good weekend xx-stitch_dress

{ source : Daksha Blouse & skirt | Anthropologie }


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{ FRIDAY FAVOURITE } Mixed pattern…

{ Source : Marc by Marc Jacobs via Pattern Prints Journal }
Funky, bold prints can be mixed as long as either the pattern matches or the tones match.
See how the blues are all of one hue even though the patterns are so completely different… notice the reds too?
See how the bottom ruffle with the blue grid is different to the red grid above, see the similar pattern match?
When you have scraps of fabric, dont throw them out. Keep them & look at how one scrap might compliment another scrap & use these in future projects. A simple trim, binding, belt or button will make a huge difference.
Have a good weekend all x