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Peeps, its been a { LONG } while since I shared a tip/trick with you but I remembered this one on Saturday when I was searching my stash.

A while ago I got so tired of having to find various colours of bias tape so instead, I purchased a whole roll of white cotton bias & now when I need a specific colour, I just dye it exactly the colour I need.

Saturday called for deep purple…

So out came the Rit liquid dyes that I purchased last year in almost every colour. I mixed a little bit of purple & a little drop of violet to make this vibrant purple, dropped in my white tape, let it stew for a few minutes & then rinsed it out under cold water. Sewing_tips_bias_tape

Your’e very welcome 🙂

{ PS } Those of you that haven’t entered my Mens shirt pattern giveaway, you’ve still got until Sunday!!

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{ THOUGHTS TO PONDER } Back to basics…

I was listening to the Thread Cult podcast with Kenneth D. King regarding “The Art of Fit” recently. (Before I go on, I just wanted to say what a lovely thing Thread Cult is…thank you Christine!!!)

Ok back to my point :

As Christine & Kenneth touched on the subject of the lost art of sewing & how most schools no longer offer this as an option for our kids to learn…I felt struck by lightning. Isn’t it so sad how the technology age has completely over-ridden the chance of kids learning how to do basic hand craft?!

I began to wonder how many great designers we are missing out on because they are never given the opportunity to discover sewing. We need more great McQueens dammit!

Im thrilled with the sewing revival… TV shows like Project Runway & The Great British Sewing Bee are doing wonderful things for generations to come. Im hoping that these shows spark the interest in todays kids, that they would otherwise lack especially if schools are no longer offering them that spark. Im hoping that we as mothers, aunts, sisters & friends will inspire our kids to sew, craft & enjoy the basic handcrafts of yesteryear rather than submitting to the junk thrown on shelves these days in mass & outrageous proportions.

Today I pledge that I will do whatever it takes to make sure that my kids (whenever that may be) learn basic but necessary crafts. I pledge to inspire & teach them everything I know & then live in hope that one day they teach their kids & so on…..& so on….

Any thoughts ? Are you teaching your kids about sewing/knitting etc ? Also, are your kids even interested ?




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{ Etsy Lovin’ }


{ source : bathtub jungle }

Hello blog friends –

Ive been lovin’ some sewing/knitting inspired jewels on Etsy recently & I thought I would share because I dont know a single sewer/knitter that would resist all any of these lovely pieces. Sewing is one of the things that really defines me so I have a lovely pair of small scissors in the form of a brooch that I wear often. Sometimes its nestled into my {FAUX} fur gilet, sometimes its on my scarf, sometimes i pin it to my hat/beret but Ive almost always got it on somewhere. Im loving the sewing machine silhouette too so Ive been trying to decide which one/s to purchase.

{ source : skymagenta }

Check these out – maybe you will find something you like too. Ive linked directly to the Etsy shops via the image source title.

{ source : vintageandglam }


{ source : hooligan alley }


{ source : mindilee }

If I’m not mistaken, all of these etsy shops are USA based so lucky for those of you based there. The rest of us would have to fork out more for postage but since they are such small pieces, I doubt it would break the bank.

Enjoy & be sure to let me know if you purchase any of these. Happy shopping ! x