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{ NEW LOOK 6648 } Version A

Hello again fellow sewers –NewLook_6648

This pattern is one of my favourites. I guess its because its so easy to construct & casual to wear in a rather effortless way.

I purchased this pattern in 2008 but only got around to making something with it in late 2010. Another project completed while the hubster was traveling & I had all day & all night to sew – which I duly did while I watched the snow fall over Hendrik-Ido-Ambacht, Holland! I never left the house for days & eventually ¬†my car disappeared under all the snow. Finally the hubster was due home & I realised I had no snow shovel so I used a fold-up plastic crate to scrape the snow off my car in the middle of the night so I could scoot off to rescue the hubster from a disaster flight. { HAPPY DAYS }. Anyway, I digress –

NewLook_6648The pattern is super easy with the most challenging part being the slightly gathered waistband….& this is not difficult by any means. I used a one way stretch knit in a blue-ish purple-tinge and this fabulous paisley burnout pattern in a mustardy-amber kinda colour. I had bought quite a bit of this so I have stacks left over for something else too ūüôā There are 4 options to this pattern in terms of the sleeves which can be interchanged with neck options of either cowl, v, wrap or boat!! Sleeve options are either dolman, kimono, butterfly or none! I stuck with Version A which is boat neck with kimono sleeve. I’d love to try version C which is butterfly sleeve with a wrap front & tie over the waistband.NewLook_6648_kimono_sleeve

I personally left out the neck binding & instead folded over & stitched. It does make the boatneck { SLIGHTLY }  larger. If you dont like a boatneck to hang off the one shoulder, be aware of the finished measurement of version A! I like a top that drapes off my shoulder so I was not fussed.

Highly recommended if you looking for a top thats casual but not T-shirt casual.

Difficulty  Rating *

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{ BURDASTYLE } Das Ruck-Zuck-Nähpaket

Hello fellow sewers –

I noticed this double page spread in the January 2013 BurdaStyle magazine essentially advertising their Fertig Zuge-Schnitten Nähpaket (Ready-to-sew Kit) which I found rather intriguing. I especially loved the packaging!

BurdaStyle_naehpaketThe kit contains the cut fabric pieces needed, sewing thread, needle, extras ie. elastic and an instruction sheet. All you have to do its get started on construction. No worries regarding cutting out, remembering to add seam allowance or fussing with notions…its all there!

At the moment the options are some comfie leggings/pants available for ‚ā¨29,90 { OR }

A cross-over/wrap-around top available for ‚ā¨26,90.

Both pieces are available in grey, fushia or lavender coloured fabric options.

Now, while I love the idea of something like this being available for beginners, for the life of me, I was unable to locate this for purchasing or further information on the website given Р! I looked & looked and eventually gave up. { FRUSTRATING } It could be hiding from me so if anyone else has located this, please drop me a link to the page down in the comments section.

I would like to see BurdaStyle continue with this idea, perhaps offer more advanced kits as an option. I think these are a great idea – if only we could find the link to purchase.

Im also not sure if this translated to BurdaStyle outside of the¬†customers…If so, drop me a line & let me know what you think. As always, thanks for stopping by x


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{ BurdaStyle 09-2010-110 Wrap top }

burdastyle_0910110Anyone following my blog might have seen a trend by now – I love polka dots & I love anything wrap – skirts, dresses, tops…{LOVE IT}.

I tackled this BurdaStyle wrap top as soon as the magazine was released back in 2010. At first sight, I knew instantly which fabric in my stash this top would become. Dont  you love it when that happens? I used a poly georgette in black with small red, pink, white & blue dots with black buttons to the side. Since this was my first BurdaStyle mag pattern to try ever, I decided to err on the side of caution regarding the sizing & cut the 42 just in case. I ended up having to cut a bit off because it was too big and therefore ended up with the correct 38/40 that was my sizing.burdastyle_0910110

I omitted the interfacing because I wanted the wraped piece to drape really naturally and Im glad I did. Word of warning : It does drape very low and I do have to be conscious of this when I lean or bend over. I wear this with jeans for a more casual look however, to the office, I will wear it with a black or red skirt and it looks great too. Very versatile!

A really cute, easy & quick project – Im surprised I havent made this more than once!

Original review can be seen here. Thanks for stopping by x

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{Vogue 2563}

Vogue 2563-f

This pattern is one of my first ever Vogue patterns to try & probably one that got me {HOOKED} on sewing way back when in 2001.

I made this black & white hibiscus print halter top many many years ago & because it screams {SUMMER} I dont get to wear it terribly often {maybe once or twice a summer season} so its stumbled through years of summers without showing any ‘wear or tear’.

Vogue 2563-b

I sewed version C which is the bias cut halter with back-button neckband, crossing over at the front with a lovely low back buttoning waist band. Tight enough to look fitted at the waist but loose enough to be comfortable. I used a polyester georgette which is probably not that user friendly for summer but since there is so much natural air-conditioning going on, poly was not a {SWEATY} problem. ¬†I would imagine a cotton, soft linen or silk would be more suitable though. Being relatively beginner back in those days, I made a huge boo-boo & stitched the side darts too small so the fit around the side boob area was gaping & I had to go back to adjust…the thrills of a learning curve. yay.

The pattern has been {OOP} for some time but you can find a copy¬†here¬†if you are interested. I would recommend this pattern to anyone from an advanced beginner even though Vogue calls it a ‘basic design’. ¬†Dress it down for the beach, dress it up for an evening dinner while on holiday – a lovely pattern with endless possibilities.

View my original review here.

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{Wrap skirt – self drafted}


I made this wrap skirt some time ago but unpacking boxes {JUST MOVED}, i rediscovered it & realised I should post this for any beginners looking for an easy skirt to start with.

It has to be the simplest skirt I have {EVER} made. no.word.of.a.lie…& I didnt even use a pattern. I simply cut a whack of triangular shaped panels, stitched them together until it wrapped around my hips (I cut 5 panels), cut some strips, sewed them together & then onto the skirt, cut a trim & sewed that on. {FINISHED}. I left the skirt unlined because I wear this on summer days over my cozzie or layered over another skirt. The fabric is not transparent or sheer so I dont have issues with wearing this as soft as possible, without lining.


The fabric I used was part of an Indian Sari. Since a sari can measure anything from 6-9yards, there was {PLENTY} fabric left over for some more creativity later on.

The lime green was cut from the centre of the sari, the shocking pink ties were cut from the top end of the sari which would usually be used to make the accompanying under-blouse and the pink & gold trim at the bottom was cut from the side trim on the sari. very easy, very simple!


This is an image of the panels. If anyone would like the dims I used, please feel free to ask. You can of course adjust the quantity of panels, length & fullness according to your requirements.


All that is left to say is may 2013 hit you with more sewing inspiration than ever before. May you all be blessed & {HAPPY NEW YEAR}

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