{ CAROLYN PJS } with a shot of neon…

Dear Readers, its been a frikkin lifetime since I last posted anything here….

Gosh, life has been crazy. My little boy is 18 months { WHAAAAT } & since around November has been going 3 mornings a week to a day mother just to give this mommy a little me-time. I needed it so bad! I dont have grandparents or friends etc to help out with taking him a few hours to give us time so Ive kinda just used the few hours on the weekends that hubby would give me but it just wasn’t enough. Putting him a few mornings with a day mommy has allowed me to clean my house, prepare meals & SEW.

I hit those machines with a force let me tell ya. Those of you that follow me on Instagram will know this but Ive been sewing like such a crazy woman that Ive forgotten to blog any of these makes & share. That ends now!

So I decided to jump onto the Carolyn Pj’s bandwagon. This is my first Closet Case Files pattern & let me say, Im a fan!carolyn_pjs_1

At first I couldn’t find appropriate fabric. Then IKEA happened. Yes friends, I found fabric for my Carolyn Pjs at IKEA. This black & white cotton just screamed pj’s & at first, I was all revved to do black piping (which I still think woulda looked pretty hot) but then I had a brain wave which involved neon & the rest is history.

I purchased my neon piping via Etsy, from On Trend Fabrics. Their service was great & the piping is good quality. I went ahead & purchased neon pink & orange as well because you know…

After measuring myself, I settled on my size & then decided to cut & sew a size bigger. I hate hate hate tight pjs more than alot of things. Also, it was my full intention to make the long pants but once I set that pattern out for cutting, I changed my mind & made the shorts. Im really glad I did. I think I’ll get more use out of the shorts.carolyn_pjs_3

I made no major alterations but I did add in some piping on the edge of the short pockets & used neon yellow snaps instead of buttons. First time installing these kinds of snaps & they went in really really easy. I purchased the snaps via Etsy as well. There are quite a few sellers so take your pick. Carolyn_pjs_5.jpgCarolyn_pjs_2.jpg

Line matching was interestingly annoying! I tried as much as I could, in the places that I thought it would matter the most & then didn’t give a shit where it didn’t work coz quite honestly, they’re pj’s for goodness sake. I did however take the time to utilize the cinched part of the pattern right in the centre of my back & front so it gives a good visual pear shape which I think worked kinda nice, no?

Such a lovely pattern & such a fun sew. There were some tricky parts to the pattern, namely the front facings & where they attach at the collar. Whew. Fuck. I might have popped a sweat at this stage but it worked out in the end! carolyn_pjs_4

There are more Carolyn Pjs in my future, of this I am sure. Id like Kelly green next… x


8 thoughts on “{ CAROLYN PJS } with a shot of neon…

  1. They look awesome. Also, totally deserved that you get some me time. You need it. And I am also in total agreement about not having tight night clothes: it is a personal hate of mine too. So glad to see you back blogging!

    1. Thanks Manju 🙂 My boy is very VERY busy so its nice to have a breather even though I miss him terribly when he’s not here! Hopefully I can get some more blog posts up soon….but dont hold your breath lol. x

  2. I keep wondering how my boy is 18 months, too! Lately, I’ve been doing the bulk of my sewing at my parents’ house, since my mom watches him while I teach music lessons and she is very generous about letting me use her sewing space. I still haven’t quite figured out cleaning with a kid, though, especially now that I’m close to having two! The neon is a great detail with that fabric, it makes it so much more unique than the black piping probably would have.

    1. Your’e very lucky to have a momma that not only lets you sew at her house but also looks after the lil’guy! Thats the lottery right there 🙂
      My lil’dude loves the vacuum so I put him to work, hahaha. In all seriousness though, I utilize every single minute while he naps & now while he’s at his day mommy so I get alot done but still not enough. Sigh!!
      Thanks, the neon does make these pjs unique. They are super comfie & I cant wait for spring so I can wear them day in & out. HA.

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