{ SPIRIT } is here…

Kim Hargreaves has released the new spring/summer book & it does not disappoint….. { SPIRIT } is here!

How beautiful are some of these designs?! cheeky_kimhargreaves_spirit



{ all images via kim hargreaves }

Knitting does not exactly conjure up spring or summer thoughts but for those still chilly-ish evenings, these totally work. When I lived in both Holland & the UK, it seemed like I always needed a cardi or something warmer in the evenings irrelevant of the season.  Also, by just changing the colour of yarn, you can make a design work for autumn or winter too.

Love this new book however of the 21 designs, only 2 are suitable for novice knitters. The majority of the designs are suitable for knitters with a little experience so I would try although, since good quality yarn is fairly pricey these days, I would hesitate in purchasing this book based on my skill level.

Im looking forward to seeing what the ladies over on Ravelry make from this collection. Happy Knitting x





{ KNIT } Its ready when it sizzles…

sizzleThe Sizzle is 100% complete. { HOORAY }

I think I started this mid-Feb when I was still on the couch recovering with the ankle shackle. It actually knitted up fairly fast however I tend to only knit in the evenings & for some weeks I did not lift this at all so all in all, I would say it took me about a month and a half excluding the mini vacations in between.

{ THE YARN } I used Rowan 100% Handknit Cotton in Bleached as advised & I cant rave about this yarn enough. Its so beautiful, soft & extreme white – I just want this yarn in every single colour possible….my life would then be complete!  I ordered 6 balls and I used { EVERYTHING }.sizzle_closeup

{ THE PATTERN } You will find the Sizzle in the Whisper book by Kim Hargreaves. Pictured it was in the white and I was quite tempted to do this in red, but Im glad I went for the white because I have so much more to wear it with. The pattern was not terribly complicated however at first I was quite confused by the pattern & had to frog back a few times before getting it right. Even though I consider myself a beginner, I found this easy enough to knit guided by some YouTube tuts to explain the things I didnt understand fully.  Its a basic knit and purl stitch  with a twist in every couple of rows by adding a YRN2 or YRN3 to create the ladder pattern you see. Effective and easy! I followed the pattern exactly and I did not have sufficient yarn to do the sleeves however once I finished the back & front, I realised I dont need the sleeves so I left them off & didnt bother ordering another ball to do these.

The pattern repeat bit is shown in chart form as opposed to written out so I wrote the pattern out as I found it easier to follow and duplicate as I went along. To be honest, since the ladder is so random, adding an extra YRN2 here or there was not going to make any difference so dont stress too much about very single stitch.sizzle_1

The seams are tricky to do at the YRN2 edges because there is nothing to stitch into and I did see a few of the other knitters over on Ravelry advise to not YRN2 right off to the end but to include a normal knit stitch to allow for the seaming to be easier. { GOOD IDEA }

Sizing wise :  Im disappointed that its so big in width. I would probably knit this 1 or even 2 sizes smaller if I were to make it again however I dont think I need 2 of these anyway. I placed my bets that a wash & a { HOT } dryer session would shrink it sufficiently to make me happier & guess what ??? { IT WORKED – KINDA }. It shrunk the length to exactly what it should be for me & although it shrunk the width, its still not sufficient enough, for me. In the book you can see the Sizzle is wider than your average sweater but for me, this ease is a little too much.

I would recommend this pattern, its fun & interesting & it looks harder than it really is.  Thanks for stopping by x


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{ KNIT } What next & freebies…

Since I was almost finished on the Kim Hargreaves Sizzle, I naturally started looking at my what my next knitting project could be.

Similar to sewing, there are a million things I would like to knit, but time is evil! While I was perusing the net, I found this really cool website that offers plenty of free knitting/crochet patterns. Overall,I do love that there are so many { FREE } knitting patterns on the web, why spend good money on pattern books when we can spend good money on awesome yarn right?!

Problem is, there are so many lovely patterns to choose from… but I think I may have settled on a shrug this time…you know, the itsy bitsy thingie that keeps your shoulders warm. Not the lacy type, the chunkier more grungy type….watch this space!

On the sewing front – I have muslined up the maxi bodice! The urge to have the Sizzle finished was more important that the maxi, but now that the Sizzle is complete, Im looking forward to getting back on the sewing horse.

Will post pics of the Sizzle soon.

Thanks for stopping by & have a great weekend x

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Ive had a few people ask me about how I store my knitting – not just my supplies but more specifically my current knitting project. I have only been knitting seriously for about a year so I by no means have an extensive knitting stash as I do sewing. This post will focus on storage of active projects & I will post something in the future regarding storage of my mini knitting supplies.

Until recently, I am embarrassed to say I was using a paper shopping bag to store my active project! Practical as it was, it was not a friend of the hubster! While I knitted into the night & he dozed on the couch, my scratching through the paper bag would wake him so I knew I needed to find something a little more sleep-friendly 🙂 Aren’t I a thoughtful wife?! No really, while a paper bag might be practical, its certainly not easy on the eyes so my quest to find an appropriate storage “thing” would kill 2 birds so to speak 🙂

I had seen this … knitting_storage_idea_pinterest

{ source : pinterest }

& liked the idea very much however when I thought it through, I realised I dont need to be carting around ALL my supplies ALL of the time. Once Ive committed to a project, I just need to cart around supplies for that particular project, nothing else. I went shopping & I found this :knitting_basket2

{ basket : leiner }

& so far, its working perfectly…& for €3.99 Im stoked!

As you might know, Im busy on Kim Hargreaves Sizzle so this is what my active basket looks like.


I keep the yarn & needles required for this project in here. I also keep whatever pieces Ive completed already, in this case Ive finished the front & Ive just started on the back. I also keep the pink yarn for my lifelines { VERY IMPORTANT }!! A bag of stitch markers, a stitch holder & a few other odds & ends I need. I copy the pattern from my book rather than paw through the book all the time. Im a bit of a “Monk” when it comes to books – I like them to look pristine forever. Folded corners, fingermarks, coffee stains….i wont sleep for days but thats for another chapter all together ‘eh! 🙂

Thanks for stopping by x { THE END }

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Hey lovelies –

No sooner had I completed Smoulder, I decided to start on Sizzle 🙂 As you know, I was very tempted to purchase the Enchanted book however I decided to wait on this because its quite pricey for only a handful of patterns that I really like or could actually attempt due to my skill level.

Sizzle_KimHargreavesAnyway, Ive gone with the classic white as shown in the Whisper book. I was { VERY } tempted to go red, I just couldnt find the perfect red yarn so I resorted to the very close second. White looks so pure & clean – perfect for spring teamed with some pastels or brights.

Cast on last week & completed the ribbed band but was a tad confused as to how the pattern was meant to start as the pattern was mentioning WS, RS but WS is RS – oh boy, I just started & then after 20 or so rows, realised something was wrong so had to frog back down to the ribbed band & start again only to have more problems & had to frog back twice more. I still dont think Im knitting it the correct way, especially when I compare mine to the other Ravelry members but I actually prefer the RS to show the KNIT instead of the PURL so Im just going to continue this way, complete the front & then decide on whether I scrap it or resume.

Now that Im settled on the knit vs purl RS facing, I am enjoying the stitch especially the {YRN2} and {YRN3} producing the lovely ladder effect. Clever!

So, thats where I am at the moment on this…

Thanks for stopping by x

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{Suckered by Enchanted…}

Hello lovelies –

I have completed the knitting up of Smoulder {YAY} and its busy blocking {OH LORD, PLEASE FIT} so expect some pics soon. But speaking of kniting, Ive almost been suckered into another knitting book {CAN YOU BELIEVE IT}.

Enchanted is the latest offering from Kim Hargreaves with 21 fabulous patterns & I am smitten with both these designs below – the {FIONN} and the {LILLITH}. Be still my heart.

The Fionn is a gorgeous wrap cardi and the Lillith is a chunky cardi that just looks like heaven. Yes, it may look a little frumpy but for those colder nights at home…..ooooo I cant think of anything snuggier. The Fionn is by far more sophisticated but it looks a little advanced for me. Hmm…

I would really like this book, I would. Im just not sure if I want to spend the money on a book that looks majority intermediate to advanced level knits. {HELP}.


KH_enchanted_Lilithsource : kim hargreaves

Oh well, let me sleep on it for a bit and then see. Perhaps while I sleep, the book will go onto sale with one of the online knitting shops therefore making my decision easier 🙂

If any of you lovely readers have the book or have knitted any of the patterns, let me know your thoughts on them.

As always, thanks a mil for stopping by x


{Knitting alert}

I have almost completed the knitting up of the Smoulder pulli I mentioned in the last post. Coming to the end of any project gets you thinking about the next project. I know I have quite a few projects on the go at the moment, some of which I can get back into, some I cannot until my ankle is feeling a tad bit better.

For starters, I still have the leather handbag I started a few weeks ago but had some difficulty with the stitching. I emailed Husqvarna all the details they asked me for in order to help but I have not heard a peep from them since. I will have to remind them I am waiting….{PATIENTLY}. You can visit the leather handbag post here should you need to catch up.

I am also aware of the V8550 in the works….but this project I know needs special care & long hours so I will need to give it a few more days until my foot can cope with the strain.

So, back to knitting & selection of my next project :

I really love the Kim Hargreaves patterns. There is something so ethereal about the Whisper book so I think I might just pick another. Ive got my eye on the following :



source : kim hargreaves

The first design is the {BIANCA} which is a lovely ribbed pulli with amazing cowl neckline and 3/4 sleeves. Yum. The second design is the {SIZZLE} with a clever stitch to give a great effect. I would have to do test swatches of both of these stitches before I attempt the actual project because Ive never knitted anything quite so adventurous before. I love them both in white {SURPRISE SURPRISE} but I would be open to making Sizzle in red too. What do you think ?

Anyway, I do hope that by the middle to end of this week I will be a little more mobile & able to withstand a few hours at a time with my foot down. Even with the new cast, as soon as I let my foot down the blood rushes down & it feels tight & still swells some. Every day is better than the day before so it really is a patience game. Moving around on the {STICKS} was hard at first & Ive realised I have much better balancing skills than I thought :-). On the up side, sleeping has become easier too which helps alot. Ive read the majority of recovery happens in the night between approximately 12 and 4am. I wonder how how much truth there is to that!?

Ok lovelies, its time to love & leave ya. In a few days I will have a great review on a sewing DVD so be sure to check it out.

Thanks for stopping by x


{Smoulder away…}


source : Kim Hargreaves

Ive been a couch potato for a week & a half & its driving me crazy. My foot is still not able to take full weight so Im giving it the time it needs to recover…{PATIENCE WON}

I simply could not waste the time just sitting there watching movie after movie, so I picked up some knitting I had started during the relocation phase & its going wonderfully. This is a Kim Hargreaves pattern called Smoulder from the {WHISPER} book. I purchased my book & yarn from Deramores UK but you can try Amazon for a slightly cheaper option. The Whisper book is filled with lovely patterns. Please feel free to check out the patterns on the KM link above.

I, of course, am using {BLACK} yarn which as mohair does, leaves its sticky little hairs everywhere!

I had completed the back piece end November & now, after 2 days, I am almost finished the front. Its an easy {NOVICE} pattern to knit….Im hoping mine fits though because it aint looking as loose as the sample above. Next up, the sleeves, some construction & then Im ready. Terribly excited since this is my {FIRST} “big girl” knitting pattern. Up until this project, I had only ever made scarf after scarf, after scarf!

Trust  you are all well & thanks for stopping by x