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{ SIMPLICITY } Star Sewist Blogger Challenge

On a total whim, I decided to take part in the Simplicity Star Sewist Challenge because lets face it, who wouldn’t like to win a years supply of patterns amiright ?!? So I chose to go with the dressmaking pattern, New Look 6145, because I like dresses & I knew dressing my baby bump would be easier adjusting this pattern to maternity rather than the other two patterns on offer. NL615_side3 Out came a beautiful piece of navy linen which I accented with some navy & white Shweshwe fabric I purchased while on holiday at home in January. The two pair really well I think. I sized up in general to allow for my pregnancy measurements as well as a little extra for ease. At first I was just going to use the shweshwe for the sleeves & inner facing but then decided rather than make my side seam godet inserts in linen, to make these in shweshwe too. I wasnt entirely sold on the contrast so I cut one of each, basted them both in & decided almost instantly on going with the shweshwe contrast as soon as I saw the dress semi-fitted. In all honesty, the inserts dont work 100% because I didnt trim off the angle required on the side seams. I left them as they should be because I really want to remove the shweshwe panels once Im able to wear the dress post-pregnancy. The inserts really just give me the added space for the baby bump & ass. NL6145_side Overall, it was an easy sew & I { ADORE } the pleated sleeves…but then again, Im gaga over pleated anything! NL6145_front Thank you to Simplicity for offering the challenge & for the free pattern. I’ll certainly be making more of these shift dresses in the future. Also, good luck to all the sewcialists that have entered the competition. Cant wait to see who wins.

This will probably be my last sew for myself until after baby arrives. Im finding the bump so hard to gauge on size since Im in the final weeks & this Noodle is growing like crazy. Ive also hit the exhausted & rather uncomfortable stage so sitting for hours in front of my sewing machine is proving a little challenging. Ive gained 10kgs until now & Im feeling every.single.gram I tell ya. Ive had a relatively uneventful pregnancy to be honest with very few issues but these final few weeks things have definitely amped up. Dont get me wrong, Im loving being preggy & I couldn’t be more grateful for what is about to change our lives forever but this third trimester is tough on your body & your mind. Anyway, hope you’ve enjoyed my little me-made. Till soon. Ange x

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{ MEN } Simplicity 1544 + giveaway…

There is constant chatter amongst the sewcialists regarding “selfish sewing”. Some of us are quite happy to be selfish seamstresses while some of us will sew for anyone or anything….yes, Im talking about you out there that sews for your dog/cat/neighbour. Ive touched on it briefly, but for me, sewing for others really does boil down to how confident I feel as a sewer. I always think that while a crooked seam here or there, a wonky facing etc might be ok for me to overlook, I always worry that it may be frowned upon by others I may sew for.  Strange but true.

I recently sewed a Datura for my SIL which was very well received.  With this in mind coupled together with the ½ price Simplicity sale (still running BTW) at Sew Essential UK, I purchased a whole whack of patterns, Simplicity 1544 being one of them. Simplicity1544_giveawayI have wanted to sew for the hubby for some time so this pattern seemed like a good place to start. Without going into much boring detail, I buggered up on the sizing..& it turns out I now have  { TWO } of these lovely Simplicity 1544 patterns.

I cheekily suggested I give one away via my blog. The lovely folk at Sew Essential agreed so they win, I win, you win. Its a { WIN WIN…WIN }.


So, if you wanna win this mens pattern (SIZE 34-42 US, 44-52 EURO), please leave a comment below before next SUNDAY 05 October 2014. You must have an active sewing blog linked to your comment & follow me either on WordPress or Bloglovin’. Giveaway is open worldwide so dont be shy.

Good luck.



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{ SIMPLICITY 2892 } Version C

Simplicity_2892Weekend at last 🙂

This lovely top I made back the end of 2010 while we were still living in Holland. Basically, our house was packed up ready for the next relocation however my sewing machine & bits ‘n bobs were the last things to be packed. While the hubster traveled just before Christmas, I sewed into the wee-hours of the night making this & a few other things, the perfect thing to do when home alone!

From start to finish I loved making this blouse. I had been alerted to this pattern by Regan from Stitch in my side blog { REMEMBER REGAN? I MISS THAT GIRLS BLOG }. She reviewed this top & I fell head over heels, I decided to make it myself with polka & all. I used a white silk charmeuse with navy patterned polka which was really expensive but worth every penny. I french seamed and used the facings and bindings – the whole enchilada!simplicity_2892

simplicity_2892The only thing I dont like about this pattern is that its a little short for me so it rides up { SLIGHTLY } & I occasionally show my midriff…not a train smash but next time I would lengthen it. Its super cute & fits well (except the length as mentioned). Its a popular pattern of which many more cute versions have been made since I mine. I actually had this in my hands a few days ago wanting to make it again, however a New Look pattern won me over which I am almost complete so be sure to stop by again soon to see which one & how it turned out. I would recommend this pattern in a heart beat!!

Original PR review can be found here.

Have an awesome weekend.

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{NY Resos and other things on my list of things to do in 2013…}

I have a long list of things I want to achieve in 2013, not just in my sewing world but in my world. {FULL STOP}. Karen over at Did you make that ?  asked sewers what their NY resos were regarding sewing and there were some interesting results. Visit Karens blog to see exactly what the stats revealed.

My sewing world :

  • I really wanted to get stuck into that dreaded alterations box (which alot of you know) and Ive already achieved this by completing the 1-hr cardi & getting back on the V8550 coat which will hopefully be completed soon-ish. Im having fun with it…i promise.
  • I also need to sort out the sewing space to make it a little more organised so I have already {ORDERED} one of those timber thread holders from the hubster to go on the wall – the bigger the better. Cant wait for a little colour injection.
  • For further organisation, I need a regular peg board to store all the general paraphernalia ie. scissors, tapes etc. Perhaps a shelf or two with mason jars to store the smaller notions and supplies like thimbles, snaps, buttons etc. Im probably going to go with this but take it one step further & make it more {MOI} :


source :

  • There are a few sewing projects I would like to get done this year too ie. V1314 (because it looks so good on everyone thats already reviewed it), V1174 (because it just screams SUMMER), V1027 (because it seems like Im the only person that hasnt made it & I have the perfect fabric waiting), Simplicity 2406 and a few Burdas. I wanted to join the many that seem to be taking the “oath” to make 12 in 12 months but I couldnt commit so I will just make what I can & if it turns out to be 12 in 12 months then I’ll be a happy betty.
  • Purchase these Simplicity/New Look patterns & make them. 6100, 6051 (as a cozzie coverup), 1802, 2305, 2512.
  • Try something new ie. bra or knicker making or sew a costume/bikini for the summer.
  • Make a pressing ham & pressing stick. Im mad about pressing & I will be doing a post on pressing sometime in the future.
  • Focus more on discovering new colours that work for me. I wear alot of black and grey because I really dig those colours but sometimes I need something a little more fresh so this year I am going to try to incorporate more navy instead of black, reds instead of pink as well as greens and yellows into my wardrobe. Seeing them together looks like a primary colour wheel 🙂 Since emerald green is the colour of 2013, it seems rude not to give it a shot ‘eh?.

2013 colour combos

Who knows how many of these I will actually achieve especially since I now have this {AWFUL} ankle thing going on! I hope to make a serious dent in the list as a minimum but wouldnt it be cool if I could tick {ALL} of these off the list by 31st December 2013. Challenge on…

What is your 2013 list of things to achieve looking like and how many of them do you think are realistic? Are you also borderline commitment phobic when it comes to sewing? Id love to hear if you have anything specific on your lists this year.

Thanks for stopping by x