sewing · tiptrick tuesday


Peeps, its been a { LONG } while since I shared a tip/trick with you but I remembered this one on Saturday when I was searching my stash.

A while ago I got so tired of having to find various colours of bias tape so instead, I purchased a whole roll of white cotton bias & now when I need a specific colour, I just dye it exactly the colour I need.

Saturday called for deep purple…

So out came the Rit liquid dyes that I purchased last year in almost every colour. I mixed a little bit of purple & a little drop of violet to make this vibrant purple, dropped in my white tape, let it stew for a few minutes & then rinsed it out under cold water. Sewing_tips_bias_tape

Your’e very welcome 🙂

{ PS } Those of you that haven’t entered my Mens shirt pattern giveaway, you’ve still got until Sunday!!

sewing · tiptrick tuesday

{ TIPTRICK TUESDAY } Sorting needles…


Not sure about you but I can never read the size of the needle up there on the top…my eyes are not made for it. So to eliminate the stress I had to devise a way to store my WIP needles without having to put them back into their boxes.

All you need is a piece of polystyrene, a marker & off you go. The image pretty much says it all.

No more guessing, no more straining of the eyes… { EASY AS THAT }…as long as no-one fiddles!

sewing · tiptrick tuesday

{ TIPTRICK TUESDAY } Invisible thread…

Ive been wanting to share tricks & tips that Ive learnt over the years in my posts but I keep forgetting so I thought I would start { TIPTRICK TUESDAY } to share these instead. Not sure if I will manage with every week, but I will certainly try to do at least every second week. So without further ado, here is my first tip :


We all know how invisible thread is the go-to for any seamstress. It works so well in any situation & I am never without one or two spools of these at any given time…I even take one on holiday because its so versatile, not only in fixing clothes but jewellery, shoes…Ive even fixed a broken heart with invisible thread. Not really, but you get the gist…

When you receive your new spool of thread, it will take you forever to locate the end however,rest assured with my little trick you will only have to look for that end once. Every time I use the thread, before winding it secure, I take a black marker & colour over the end of the thread, about 5cm or so. Much easier to locate it now!!