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{ AUTUMN / WINTER } Sewing queue…


My Autumn/Winter sewing began quite a few weeks ago. I had made the NL 6150 ruched tee in the autumnal print because I wanted to try the pattern out & this fabric seemed perfect at the time, but then I went on to make another NL 6150 in the plain white with Protea applique. One can never have enough simple basics (with a twist) for the colder months.

I then moved onto the Vogue 8827 dress which I made in a berry viscose jersey, followed by the NL 6003 skirt and then the McCalls 6173 leggings which I absolutely love.

I mentioned the September issue of La Mia Boutique of which a few things caught my eye, one of which should be finished tonight!

So, what else you ask??

Well, I also want to make something for #RedOctober but we’re already half way through October & Im stumped. I found fabric in a really lovely shade of red, I just need to pull finger & decide on what!

Ive also been wanting to make a pair of loose pants so I think Ive decided on the NL 6191 pattern!  All the times Ive tried to make pants in the past Ive failed miserably so these looked like they could be easy enough to make, but still want to wear….if you knowwhatimeanNL6191_pants

The top featured in NL 6142 is another pattern Id like to make use of soon. I kinda love the peek-a-boo slot that shows off the bewbs.


So those are a few things on my “have to make” list, but, I do have a few things that Id like to make but just not sure if Im going to have the time…for instance, the V1324 blouse.  V1324_blouse

and the Vogue 1259. I’ve been keen to make this top for some time….{ YES } this is not a dress, its a top & skirt! V1259_top

I know my time schedule is tight with full-time school until end February so Im trying not to put too much on my plate & feel like I have to rush through it because its “planned”. Id much rather take things at pace & do a good job than rush & regret it.

Apart from these garments on the lists, I still have to adjust my Wildest Dreams dress & re-install a new zip. So far Ive unpicked the back, tidied up the innards & now I just need to re-fit & sew it all back up. Sounds simple non ? Then why am Im not loving the thought of it?! Im also making some alphabet pillows for my twin nieces & a tutu for a friends kid.

Do you have anything you just { MUST } sew this autumn/winter season?


{ REVISION } Somethings been bugging me…

…and it was time I tackled the beast.

Im sure many of you have made garments that look fabulous on the outside leaving much to be desired on the inside. My Wildest Dreams dress is one of those & now that Autumn is here & Im able to make use of the dress, with tights of course, Ive found myself loathing the way in which I finished this dress on the inside.  I was going to include pics but then I changed my mind. I feel dreadful about the standard of finish as it is, I really didnt have to reinforce that by adding pics so I could be forever be remembered as “The One that sews such shocking innards”! No, Id much rather be remembered as “The One that was too embarrassed to show the shocking innards”!

Moving right along shall we?!

If you’ve read my Wildest Dreams review then you’ll already know I sewed this dress under pressure. I was working full time during a stressful project and studying a full time syllabus after hours, with exams. To top things off I had to have surgery the same time to fix some of my own innards! Stressful would be an understatement perhaps. Anyway, we apparently make stupid decisions under stress….I took on the V1207. In my defense, it was meant to be an easy peasy project with amazing results. It ended up being one of the hardest dresses to fit & you might have seen a few other sewcialists tackle this dress with disappointing results as well.

Fitting issues aside, I really didnt take much care with finishing my seams well at all & while the fabric is beautiful, its one of the hardest Ive had to sew ever. Its a drapers dream but it frays like all hell & even though I pinked some seams, I didnt do them all. I should have overlocked all the seams for a neat finish – stress must’ve told me to leave them raw!  { DUH }.  Another problem was the zip! The dress has a very low back which I love but it was far too baggy at the zip area. I can only think this was due to post-surgery swelling. { TIP } : Never fit anything post surgery!!!

So the task lies ahead, fix all the seams so they dont fray & fit the back. Im quite keen to install an exposed zipper to the back actually….maybe in a bright blue to match the fabric, what do you think??  Im even thinking about removing the pockets alltogether. I never really liked the way they hung. Either way, the dress is under construction.

I cant wait to feel better about it.

Do you have projects with dodgy innards ? Have you gone back to fix the problems or do you wear the garment carrying around your little secret ??  Do share.

BTW, are any of you participating in #RedOctober ?

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{ TRENDS } Caviar // Pearls


Nail trends have taken a huge bender of later…I mean, what next ? { SPIKES } ???

Middle to end of last year came the Nail Caviar thing that still kinda creep me out a little…then the fur..oh my, the furry nails!

But Ive now recently seen the Foil / Very colourful manicure sets make their debut & Im rather intrigued!! These colourways remind me of my Wildest Dreams dress..Ciate_foilCiate_foilSo what are your thoughts on the pearls, caviar, fur  & foils ?

While Im not a fan of these imaginative trends, I do love me some nail lacquer. I have a small collection & Ive recently found a new brand, Catrice (available only in Europe I think) but they do such great quality nail lacquer for a fraction of the price of high end brands & Im hooked. I recently picked up colour 33 In the Armee Glow & Im addicted. Cant wait to try more of their colours…

catrice_inthearmeeglowCan you tell my sewing mojo is still missing…

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{ V1207 } Wildest dreams dress…

V1207_frontv1207_closeupI call this my Wildest dreams dress for 2 reasons.

1. The colours

2. I sewed this during a crazy crazy year of 7am to 7pm work { PLUS } evening studies & exams trying to get my degree finished. Where I found the time to still sew I have no freakin’ idea.

2011 was a {BLUR}


I found the fabric at Fabricland on our Christmas 2010 Canadian visit. They had this awesome deal of buy 2m get another gratis. I left things in Canada just so I could get my fabric stash home 🙂 I unfortunately have not worn this dress much due to the shitty weather conditions since finishing it however with some luck, I should be making use of it this summer!

You may read the PR review here so I dont need to repeat myself..Im merely continuing with documenting the pieces ive sewn in the past when I have the time/remember!

Thanks for stopping by x