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{ VOGUE 1247 } Rachel Comey top…

Friends, Ive been scarce around the blog due to a combination of things really. Work, stress. Then I got sick. Its just made me really tired and in the meantime I lost my sewjo so bad I started wondering if it would ever return. Luckily, Im getting back into it but the break has been good.  Trust you all had a good Christmas (if you celebrate) and I’ll wish you all a good New Year now.

This V1247 pattern had been on my wishlist for forever but it was only once I saw “Seeker of Sewing Highs” Sophie’s insanely gorgeous version, did I gasp & decide I had to have the pattern.  Don’t get me wrong folks. There were some stunners out there already, Sophie’s just spoke my kinda language. Luckily for me, Vogue were having a sale at the time. { WHEW }.

I knew just what I was looking for in fabric too – something soft & patterned without a pattern if you knowwhatimean. I wanted the panels to mismatch but be matched at the same time to show off the front panels. Anyway, once I stumbled upon this cotton/silk (70%/30%) blend, I knew immediately it would be the one & due to all the lovely reviewers who agreed the pattern runs rather large & one can easily go down a size or two, I ordered the minimum of fabric & used every last scrap. V1247_front V1247_back

She sewed up without fuss. I took great care in matching up my shoulder pleats and did my best to align the front panels. As 2 separate pieces (top and bottom), the seams aligned perfectly but once I sewed together the top portion to the bottom, my lines were off slightly so I didnt get the perfect point but hey-ho I swoon at all the other bits of perfection.V1247_alignmentV1247_pleats

With french seams throughout and a lovely bias neck facing, she’s casual but with some awesome finishes. I didnt fold my sleeves over as instructed because my fabric, while beautiful, is not that slouchy slouch so when folded they just stuck out too much overall & decided therefore to leave it sheer.

My fabric is sheer but perfect for summer & you may be wondering why Ive been sewing summer instead of winter… Simple really. Im headed home on holiday for 3 weeks soon. Home means hot, summer, friends & family – a decent vacation. Its been 3 ½ years since Ive been home.

I cannot wait!

A xx

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{ LIESL & CO } The Weekend Getaway blouse…

I could say I had my eye on this pattern for some time, however I had kinda forgotten about it because there were all sorts of other patterns clouding my mind, for instance, the Belladone, the Anna, the Pendrell! Sometimes you need a gentle reminder though….My reminder came in the form of a lightning strike when Sew Busy Lizzy posted about her Liesl & Co Weekend blouse earlier in December. Seeing her Hawaiian version reminded me how lovely this little pattern was & I downloaded it immediately so Id never have to forget again.

Purchasing & downloading the pattern was super simple. I printed it off during the holidays & although it took a few head scratches to get it all glued together, once it was done, I was well on my way to sewing bliss. Their PDFs are a little unique in the sense that they are printed & put together differently to what you  may already have experienced with PDF patterns. A few of their pages are printed with 2 parts of the same pattern piece on one A4 for instance so you need to cut off the side of one to fit to another if you catch my drift. Its not complicated, its pretty easy really because each corner has a corresponding letter & number but it can be confusing at first. After figuring all the glueing, sticking & cutting out, I quickly made the FBA just incase I needed it. The instructions for the FBA are included in the pattern too!!Liesl&co_weekend_getaway_blouse

I wanted to make the dress but since I had no experience with the sizing of these patterns, I thought I would “muslin” up the blouse to check  before cutting into some nicer fabric. I used a piece of the polka dot crepey georgette I used to make NL6242 years ago. It had been languishing in my stash waiting for this opportunity. I then realised quite early in the project that the sizing was working well so it was quickly upgraded from muslin to the real deal. I had cut a size bigger than I should have but I was glad I had the extra fabric to make some little adjustments. Liesl&co_weekend_getaway_blouse_back_pleat

Sewing this blouse couldn’t be easier. I love the little pleat to the back and I love how the front comes together in the centre. I dont really understand why the back neck facing needs to be separate/different from the front facings so next time I might do those all in one thereby avoiding the bulk at the shoulder seams. I also sewed my front pieces together with a wider seam than instructed but thats only because I had the extra fabric to play. I would have made them wider if I had had more & again, I might adjust the pattern to allow for an even wider fold-out on the centre front for the dress.  I chose to french seam my shoulder & side seams which gives the blouse a lovely soft feel inside, with no tattered edges. { PLEASED }. I omitted the pockets coz I dont like pockets pasted right on my boobies  but I can imagine the pockets looking good with some fabrics.Liesl&co_weekend_getaway_blouse_back

All in all, I would highly recommend this pattern. Its a couple of hours with no difficulty at all and I can’t wait to try the dress with some lovely contrasts.

I still need to put together a post/review on the denim skirt you see with this blouse…coming soon, promise!

Here’s to more happy sewing in 2014 x

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{ McCALLS 6751 } Again ?…

Yep, again…albeit this time View D.McCalls_6751_front

I had such fun with View A last week, so before it had a chance to be categorized & numerically stored (because thats how the OCD side of my personality rolls) I decided to whip up View D for some extra fun.

I dug around my stash & found this poly-cotton blend in black with pink polkas. Ive had this fabric in my stash for about 8 or 9 years so it was time to be used. Im not one to blame my tools or materials, but this fabric made the sew fairly troublesome. It slipped around while I was sewing & I noticed the overall finish not as good as I know it could be. Once it got its final press, things looked better but I still dont think this top will be worn any place other than around the house – and thats ok with me because its cool & comfie. McCalls_6751_side

As I said with View A, this is a terribly easy pattern to sew which can be turned around in one hour. For all views, the same front piece is used only swapping out the backs for whichever design you prefer. View D is more conservative compared to View A with a full covered, sloping back & cute pleats to the top for a little detail. As with View A, I french seamed side seams as well as shoulder seams however this time I also sewed down the french seam giving a top-stitch to the seams for something different.McCalls_6751_back

You can bind the edges with bias binding or do as I did by simply hemming.

Im guessing I wont stop sewing this pattern until Ive made at least all 4 options….so you will have to bear with me lovelies 🙂 Since this pattern is so perfect (& easy) for summer, Im making the most of the 35 degree plus weather & getting some last summer sewing in while I can. McCalls_6751_detail

In other news, I also wanted to thank Red Point Tailor for the thoughtful Super Sweet Blogging Award from a few weeks back. I absolutely appreciate every single visitor to my blog, but love reading  your blogs even more 🙂 For me, the community of sewing bloggers is a positive reminder every day that there are wonderfully talented & thoughtful women (and men) out there always ready to inspire.

Thanks for stopping by x

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{ OVERLOCKER } Whats going on with Ellie ?…

A few years ago I was all { RA-RA GA-GA } over my overlocker and rightfully so. I had been sewing for years without one so when that day came that finally I could whizz all my seams through Ellie, I started that baby up & never looked back. A machine that could make my sewing look neater & more polished  made me feel like sewing just got a million times better. I relied on her like my life depended on it, even though on more than one occasion it  ate through parts of garments I didnt want eating through & made me cry too many times to mention…

About a year or so ago I just fell out of love with Ellie. It wasnt the crying or the perfect seams…it was more our relocation. I packed her up & when we moved into our new house, I just didnt feel the need to unpack her as urgently as my Sapphy. I realised that I was quite happy to sew without her & it gave me the opportunity to explore the alternatives.

Its been a year since I last used Ellie (I feel like Im part of an substance abuse group admitting that…hahaha) & Im so proud of myself for being able to live without a { NEED } for her. Its forced me to think of creative ways to finish seams & this may sound cookoo, but its given me a new appreciation for french and hong kong seams, for pinking shears & bindings. In a way, its forced me to not be such a lazy & uninspired sewer. That & the fact that I havent had to purchase 4 huge cones of thread every time I want to sew a new colour is a little added bonus….oh & no tears over big nasty mistakes either 🙂

So saying all of this doesnt mean I will never use my Ellie again….of course not…Im just going to be far more selective about when & how I use her in the future.

Do you rely on { YOUR } Ellie for everything? Have you ever thought about the alternatives to overlocking? Or have you also managed to ration its usage ?

Id love to hear your stories.

Thanks for stopping by x

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{ SIMPLICITY 2892 } Version C

Simplicity_2892Weekend at last 🙂

This lovely top I made back the end of 2010 while we were still living in Holland. Basically, our house was packed up ready for the next relocation however my sewing machine & bits ‘n bobs were the last things to be packed. While the hubster traveled just before Christmas, I sewed into the wee-hours of the night making this & a few other things, the perfect thing to do when home alone!

From start to finish I loved making this blouse. I had been alerted to this pattern by Regan from Stitch in my side blog { REMEMBER REGAN? I MISS THAT GIRLS BLOG }. She reviewed this top & I fell head over heels, I decided to make it myself with polka & all. I used a white silk charmeuse with navy patterned polka which was really expensive but worth every penny. I french seamed and used the facings and bindings – the whole enchilada!simplicity_2892

simplicity_2892The only thing I dont like about this pattern is that its a little short for me so it rides up { SLIGHTLY } & I occasionally show my midriff…not a train smash but next time I would lengthen it. Its super cute & fits well (except the length as mentioned). Its a popular pattern of which many more cute versions have been made since I mine. I actually had this in my hands a few days ago wanting to make it again, however a New Look pattern won me over which I am almost complete so be sure to stop by again soon to see which one & how it turned out. I would recommend this pattern in a heart beat!!

Original PR review can be found here.

Have an awesome weekend.

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