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{ MMMAY’13 } Week 2 & other questions…

I sucked so bad last week with the me-mades….Bloody hell, I managed one day…

& if I have to be 100% honest, it wasnt even a full day because I took the darn pullover off half way through the day because I got itchy hot!

{ Day 7  } mmmay2013_day7{ PULLOVER/JERSEY } : Me-made  Smoulder 

 Moving swiftly on from the { FAIL } of last week…

Its been 16 weeks since I broke my ankle & as you know, the recovery was slow & believe it or not my ankle is still not 100% recovered. I still have swelling & dull ache especially in the night but its bearable & I know its not going to be completely healed for quite some time. Irrelevant, I had to start my exercise routine up again so I started jogging & Ive found that its working wonders for both my mind & my body.

It got me thinking about how to handle my sewing. How am I going to keep sewing & maintaing a good fit with my weight loss? Do I need to give up my sewing until Ive reached my goal? Should I sew for the size I am at that particular time & then do alterations? Do I sew for my goal size or do I resort to baggier me-mades until I hit my goal?? the mind boggles.

The DKNY V1027 I made a few weeks ago is already too big! Ok, it was roomy when I finished it but now that Ive shed a few, its already fast becoming unwearable.

So I would love to hear if any of you have had to consider these thoughts before & how you dealt with it. Any tips/tricks are welcome…

Thanks for stopping by x

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Holland 2010
Holland 2010

{ source : my own }

Its official! { SPRING } has sprung here in my ‘hood & Im rejoicing for having emerged through the perils of winter unscathed…without a sniffle of a cold or worse, flu!  It could be due to the fact that there was that breaking of my ankle, surgery & all that which kept me in hibernation for the best part of 8 weeks….so Im thinking, did I really emerge victorious?

There are more than a few bloggers out there dealing with cold & or flu a the moment & I pity you. I wish you health & a speedy recovery because there is nothing worse than shaking with the sniffles. { Bless you all }

After my last two posts discussing the pitfalls of living in the country & the disappointment with BurdaStyle, Im in need of a quick project to lift the spirit & give me instant gratification. What is your go-to pattern, the one that you know so well & always have fantastic results from ? Id love to hear, do share…

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Hey Look – My NewLook patterns have just arrived! {YAY}

Purchased them on sale recently, in fact, its the {ONLY} time I ever purchase patterns – on sale I mean.

pattern_haul_newlook{ left to right }

NL6051 which is a great cover-all for hot summer beachy days

NL6003 is a skirt pattern with some lovely frilly variations

NL6100 is the shorts pattern I mentioned I wanted as a NY reso here


{ left to right }

NL6968 is 4 dress variations

NL6148 is some top variations. I particularly like the middle left with the “v” inset which Id like to attempt in a lace or netting & no sleeves – could be lovely

NL6067 is again a dress but I love the “V” tucks to the centre & I have a piece of fabric just waiting to be made up to this.

Last week I was sorting some of my stash & trying to decide what to make next. I know, I still have that V8550 hanging on Poppy – for some reason, Im just not that into it anymore. I know I have to push to get through it but I think I could take my mind off it for a while too – its going slow & I need some more instant gratification.

{ in other news }

I am into the last week with this {ANKLE SHACKLE}. Its been 5 extremely long weeks wearing this cast & Ive never been more ready to shed this bind. The last week I have been able to move around without crutches however I think I overdid things a little & now it feels like the cast has rubbed an area raw so its burning & Ive had to retreat back to the couch! I am in no way fooling myself to think that once the shackle has been removed I will be back to 100% normal. Firstly, drs will need to remove the large pin so I can get movement back & I realise I will need to go for physio & still use the crutch for weeks before returning to any sense of normality. I just want this thing off so I can de-scale & wash my leg & foot. The amount of nastiness going on under the yellow submarine makes the rest of my body quake. {YUK} 🙂

& on that fun note – I bid you a wonderful Tuesday. Thanks for stopping by x


{AWOL update}

Happy Monday readers –

I thought I would update you all on how my recovery is going. Well, its going!! Ive had good days and bad {REALLY BAD} days but as each day passes I feel like its one day closer to full recovery. 

I should have received my new cast last week Thursday however the doctors were not satisfied with how my foot looked. It was still quite swollen so they therefore said I should wait a few days more & sent me home. Uuurgh.

So Im trying again tomorrow & hopefully the swelling is down sufficiently enough to take the new cast. Swelling is a strange thing to be honest. Ive done what theyve asked me to do – kept my leg up above heart level, iced packed it & stayed off my feet completely but as soon as I do need to move to the washroom, {BANG} the swelling is back in an instant. Its a difficult thing to control & I certainly do not want swelling going on in the new cast. 

If this time is teaching me anything, its how to be more patient. Its also reminded me to never take my body for granted. I know these are all cliches that we hear all the time but honestly, I would give anything to be more mobile right now. I hate sitting around doing nothing & I hate relying on the hubster to do things for me. Its also made me realise how OCD I am which is something I dont really like about myself but thats just how I am. I like things to be clean all the time, I like my towels to hang a certain way  etc etc etc. Im now having to practice patience & just let it be. Yip, lessons in life!!

Wish me luck for tomorrow as I’ll probably need it. 

Thanks for stopping by & I hope you are all creating some beautiful things in my absence.




hello lovelies –

I apologise for being {AWOL} at the moment….I promise I have a valid excuse.

You see, this past saturday we had some great snowfall so the hubster & I decided to go bob-sledding & Im sure you can now imagine where Im going with this???!!!

Yes, I ended up in the ER with a fractured ankle & they operated at 10pm to place a titanium plate & pins to stabilise my ankle. See, I told you I had a valid explanation.

So, I was discharged today armed with a temporary cast & crutches which Im proving hideous with. I had to promise the surgeon {with puppy eyes} that I would stay in bed for the next couple of days otherwise he wouldnt have let me go!  Honouring my promise so the next couple of days I will be focusing on aleviating the swelling so hopefully I can get my more permanent cast {required for 6 WEEKS} on Thursday.

WOW….yeah, im still in shock too i tell ya.

Anyway, I just wanted to let all you lovelies know where I was & that I’ll be seeing you again soon. Take care & thanks for stopping by x