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{ HAPPY HOLIDAYS } and a winner…

christmas_presentsTo those of you celebrating today { MERRY CHRISTMAS }.

Its been a quiet Christmas here, but never mind, the howling wind has made up for the quietness and damn near blown us away.  Its been so warm one would imagine Spring had arrived super early but a glimpse at the weather forecast for the next 5 days & one would quickly realise one’s been terribly mistaken!!

Bigger news is I drew a winner for my Blogiversary Giveaway on Friday. { CONGRATS } to the lovely Fiona from Diary of a Chain Stitcher. We’ve already been in touch, I have all her deets & her parcel will ship shortly….read, when next the PO is open. I do hope you enjoy the pattern & look forward to seeing what you make.

I haven’t been sewing lately….my watercolours have gripped me & wont let go…Im not complaining either BTW 🙂 You can see what Im up to by following me on Instagram.

Till soon xx

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{ FRIDAY FAVOURITE } Mixed pattern…

{ Source : Marc by Marc Jacobs via Pattern Prints Journal }
Funky, bold prints can be mixed as long as either the pattern matches or the tones match.
See how the blues are all of one hue even though the patterns are so completely different… notice the reds too?
See how the bottom ruffle with the blue grid is different to the red grid above, see the similar pattern match?
When you have scraps of fabric, dont throw them out. Keep them & look at how one scrap might compliment another scrap & use these in future projects. A simple trim, binding, belt or button will make a huge difference.
Have a good weekend all x

{ KNIT } Its ready when it sizzles…

sizzleThe Sizzle is 100% complete. { HOORAY }

I think I started this mid-Feb when I was still on the couch recovering with the ankle shackle. It actually knitted up fairly fast however I tend to only knit in the evenings & for some weeks I did not lift this at all so all in all, I would say it took me about a month and a half excluding the mini vacations in between.

{ THE YARN } I used Rowan 100% Handknit Cotton in Bleached as advised & I cant rave about this yarn enough. Its so beautiful, soft & extreme white – I just want this yarn in every single colour possible….my life would then be complete!  I ordered 6 balls and I used { EVERYTHING }.sizzle_closeup

{ THE PATTERN } You will find the Sizzle in the Whisper book by Kim Hargreaves. Pictured it was in the white and I was quite tempted to do this in red, but Im glad I went for the white because I have so much more to wear it with. The pattern was not terribly complicated however at first I was quite confused by the pattern & had to frog back a few times before getting it right. Even though I consider myself a beginner, I found this easy enough to knit guided by some YouTube tuts to explain the things I didnt understand fully.  Its a basic knit and purl stitch  with a twist in every couple of rows by adding a YRN2 or YRN3 to create the ladder pattern you see. Effective and easy! I followed the pattern exactly and I did not have sufficient yarn to do the sleeves however once I finished the back & front, I realised I dont need the sleeves so I left them off & didnt bother ordering another ball to do these.

The pattern repeat bit is shown in chart form as opposed to written out so I wrote the pattern out as I found it easier to follow and duplicate as I went along. To be honest, since the ladder is so random, adding an extra YRN2 here or there was not going to make any difference so dont stress too much about very single stitch.sizzle_1

The seams are tricky to do at the YRN2 edges because there is nothing to stitch into and I did see a few of the other knitters over on Ravelry advise to not YRN2 right off to the end but to include a normal knit stitch to allow for the seaming to be easier. { GOOD IDEA }

Sizing wise :  Im disappointed that its so big in width. I would probably knit this 1 or even 2 sizes smaller if I were to make it again however I dont think I need 2 of these anyway. I placed my bets that a wash & a { HOT } dryer session would shrink it sufficiently to make me happier & guess what ??? { IT WORKED – KINDA }. It shrunk the length to exactly what it should be for me & although it shrunk the width, its still not sufficient enough, for me. In the book you can see the Sizzle is wider than your average sweater but for me, this ease is a little too much.

I would recommend this pattern, its fun & interesting & it looks harder than it really is.  Thanks for stopping by x


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{ GIVEAWAY } May Day & Birthday month…


Welcome to May 2013….can you even believe its May already?!

Back when I was younger, birthdays were all about THE DAY only but these days I think its über cool to celebrate the whole darn month! & why not right?! Since May is the month of my birthday, I thought I would do a giveaway – so this Vogue 8872 pattern is up for grabs! Its in size 14-22, brand new & uncut. It features 6 lovely dress variations/options which can be sewn as & how you like.

If you would like to enter the giveaway, please pop a comment down below telling me whatever you’d like 🙂  I will close entries at 09h00 GMT on the 8th May 2013 & I will generate a winner soon thereafter. I post worldwide so dont be shy. { GOOD LUCK }

Also, { GOOD LUCK } to all of you participating in Me-Made-May ’13 kicking off today. Im so excited to see all the reviews on how you all put your MMM into action. I did not pledge to one handmade garment per day because thats just a little too much commitment for me but I did pledge to as many as possible. I will try to do a weekly roundup of what I wore & which days.

Ok girlies, get your comments in for that giveaway if your’e interested & have a lovely May x

PS { This is not a sponsored post. I purchased this pattern with my own hard earned cash }

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Holland 2010
Holland 2010

{ source : my own }

Its official! { SPRING } has sprung here in my ‘hood & Im rejoicing for having emerged through the perils of winter unscathed…without a sniffle of a cold or worse, flu!  It could be due to the fact that there was that breaking of my ankle, surgery & all that which kept me in hibernation for the best part of 8 weeks….so Im thinking, did I really emerge victorious?

There are more than a few bloggers out there dealing with cold & or flu a the moment & I pity you. I wish you health & a speedy recovery because there is nothing worse than shaking with the sniffles. { Bless you all }

After my last two posts discussing the pitfalls of living in the country & the disappointment with BurdaStyle, Im in need of a quick project to lift the spirit & give me instant gratification. What is your go-to pattern, the one that you know so well & always have fantastic results from ? Id love to hear, do share…



Hey lovelies ~amerson_undies

Monday I downloaded the pdf pattern & instructions for the very lovely Amerson undies being offered {GRATIS} by Madalynne.

I was so excited when I first saw these a few weeks back & bookmarked them immediately. One of my NY resos was to try lingerie, any lingerie! These look super cute & right up my alley for “under my sundress” *ooooh*.

The pattern package comes with beautiful instructions and measurement charts, construction sheet & technical sketches as well as the pattern layout sheet & of course, the scaled pattern. From downloading to cutting & sticking together the pattern could not have taken me longer than 10 minutes!

Above Im giving you a { SNEEK-PEEK } into the fabric & colourways Im using to try these knickers. I will go into more detail of what & where, when Im done.

A big thank you to Madalynne for offering this pattern free.

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{Recycle old rags}


Over the years I have become a tad more selective over which garments go for donation & which go into my recycle bin. Now by recycle I mean those garments that either have accessories on them that I can benefit further from ie. buttons, clasps, ties, studs, embellishments etc. Sometimes when recycling the garment is destroyed & therefore only good for cleaning windows, floors & the likes and therefore cannot go to someone in need but I also feel like the benefits of re-using buttons & zips etc means I am still donating in some form or another.

Since relocating I found some garments that I wasnt entirely sold on wearing again but i still love the design so Im pulling them apart {CAREFULLY} to copy the pattern off & re-use to make a new one. I figured that way I get a new pattern to use over & over without having to see a favourite top/blouse/skirt/dress go to the bin. Does that make sense ?

So today I recycled the staps off of 3 bras, embellishments off of 1 pair of knickers, will be unpicking the lovely pink top you see above  for the pattern &  hacked off the buttons shown above from one of my husbands shirts that was {FAR} too big for him….but the buttons are great. The embellished top shown on the right is one of my {FAVOURITE} tops ever. I feel like I should be moving it on but I just cant! Its around 8 years old & the colour is drained but Im thinking I could still revive it by dipping into a dye bath, thereby prolonging the inevitable. Crikey, I hate saying goodbye to much loved garments. boohoo.

Do you ever recycle old garments for zips etc & how often do you unpick a favourite worn out piece to copy the pattern & make another ?