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{ BURDASTYLE } Twisted tank…

Ive had this pattern cut out for an embarrassingly long time. In fact, not just the pattern, but the chartreuse satin I used for the lining had been cut out for this top too. I just didnt have the right fabric to finish it off – { ENTER} lovely piece of gorgeously coloured silk….and right there it was a match made in heaven.

The satin is a heavier weight which made it much easier to sew but the multi-coloured bit of loveliness was a real pain in the ass. No amount of spray starch, cutting through paper or pointing at it with that “now you listen to me” tone in my finger could possibly tame this beast. I struggled & cursed & eventually, defeated, I lost my sewjo & she hung, hung, hung.

A few weeks ago I decided it was time to finish her so I steamed through & refused to leave the sewing room until she was done!Burdastyle_07_2013_103B_front

I used the Burdastyle Twisted Tank pattern. I cut my usual size but found the fit ran a little on the big side so I nipped in some under the arms. I also lowered the V-neck for a better look & fit because it was sitting way to high for me. While I love the pattern, Im not that in love with the join down the middle. I dont mind it, Im just not overjoyed with it. The join is necessary in order to get the twisted effect on the front but twisting & joining in the back would also work so if I were to make this again, Id probably look into changing that aspect. You should also notice I gave my straps an extra twist – no reason, just did.

Its a simple tank top with a little bit of whimsy on the shoulder. Its easy to sew up & since the lining & the outer fabric are both luxurious fabrics, its indeed a very luxurious piece to wear – light as a feather!

I cant wait to pair her with my denim mini for summer…

’til soon, Ange x



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{Vogue 8032 (A)}


This has to be one of the easiest patterns I have ever used and yet I find it is so overlooked. I personally {adore} this pattern. Flattering, versatile and have I mentioned super easy??!! haha

Ive sewn this version many times due to the fact that its such a great basic wardrobe builder so one can style this alone for a summer day over shorts or jeans or you can glam it up for an evening out. I even wear this under a blazer with a work suit – in both the green or the polka dot!

The only advice I would give on this pattern is to follow the collar placement dots really carefully otherwise you will have gaping at the armholes. If you are going to turn the collar to the side, then make sure you check the fit well before stitching it all together. Perhaps play with the length of ties for a longer wrap which would also look great.

Recommended as a great starter pattern for beginners but advanced sewers will have fun with this too.

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Thank you for stopping by & merry christmas x


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{McCalls 4443}

I sewed this dress for a friends wedding celebration. I knew just which fabric I had to use for this dress when I purchased the pattern however I had limited fabric (& time) so I needed to improvise on the way it was constructed. The fabric is a slightly stretchy satin in gorgeous autumnal tones of gold & brown…quite antique looking. I loved the asymmetrical lowered waistline & flirty godet detail.

Due to my lack of fabric, I left the top part unlined (which I would not do again but was necessary on this occasion), and I adjusted the neck & arm areas to suit. I also somehow managed to burn a hole in to the godet however a small scap of fabric, some fabric glue & some pressing sorted this problem out…it also helps the fabric patterning is quite forgiving. Shew!!

On the whole, I really love this dress. The dropped waistline gives an illusion of a longer torso & therefore is quite slimming. It was really easy to sew together & I would highly recommend.

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{12.12.2012 – a good place to start…}

Seems like a good day to get the consolidation of blog & pattern reviews started.

All the hype surrounding the 12.12.12 is mind boggling. One would swear we’ve NEVER.EVER had a repetition of date like this before. I for one remember quite clearly 8.8.88 and 9.9.99 and 10.10.10 and even 11.11.11 – the world lived through all of those so why in the hell would the world start to fall apart now. anyway, before i digress to much, let me get started on the first pattern review post…

Vogue V8438 (A)

This is the link directly to my original review :

I used a neutral & natural coloured wool tweed for the outer fabric & a cream satin for the inner lining of the coat. I loved the OTT clown-like collar however this was indeed the most difficult part to sew, not because it was complicated but because of the many many layers of tweed to sew through. I dotted machine stitches around where i could and where my machine was unable to stitch, I resorted to hand stitching. I finally got to put the metal thumb protector to good use.  At first I did not make the belt but after wearing the coat a few times, I realised the belt was an integral component helping to structure the silhouette and keep everything looking ready-to-wear-ish!

I really loved the process of putting this coat together, from start to finish. It was a simple pattern which, IMO, does not require OTT tailoring techniques or anything fussy. I think some real fun could be had with experimenting with colour combinations and different fabric weights. I would highly recommend this pattern & would make Version C (possibly without the ‘bell’ sleeves) in a heartbeat. I wouldn’t recommend this pattern to complete novice sewers however experienced beginners could complete this easily.  Good luck all.


Coat, back

Coat, inner