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{ #RedOctober } The Polly with sick hemming…

The colour red really is one of my favourites & Id take it over green or blue any day of the week so I really didn’t need much encouragement when it came to sewing for #RedOctober.

Some of you might remember that I had mentioned in January I wanted to sew more red this year. I finished my red pea coat and the lovely shoulder tie top but I didnt feel like I had sewn enough red so #RedOctober came at a good time.

A few weeks back the By Hand London girls send out an email to those subscribed offering the very cool Polly Top & if that wasn’t enough, they are offering this pattern as a { FREE | GRATIS } download. Say what? Yeah free….and, they even have a little vid on their website to show you how to stitch it up. I immediately sent off my request to receive & { PING } that pattern touched down on my inbox with record speed. { THANKS GIRLS }.

Unfortunately she had to sit in the queue waiting for the La Mia Boutique top & the New Look 6191 pants to be finished first. { Deets on these coming soon }.ByHandLondon_Polly_front

Miss Polly skidded into October with not many minutes left on the clock but she lives on the edge like that 🙂 October was a disaster month for me, too much going on in my head, too much procrastination & not enough focus on my part. Yes I finished 3 garments but I feel like I could have done more. If truth was to be told Miss Polly was finished, bar the hemming, on the 30th October. The evening of the 31st we headed out to see Nickelback live in Vienna. I already had tell-tale signs of illness setting in but it didnt stop me from queuing in the cold, shaking my ass & signing ’til I was hoarse and therefore I woke up on the 1st Nov with the strangest kind of sick Ive ever had. I therefore finished Miss Polly’s hem in the depth of this “sick” & Ive been man down ever since. { HEY HO } moving on…

Ok, so what did I use :

The black polka dot fabric is a woven, very light weight georgette offcut I had left from the Burda wrap top I made back in 2010, and the red is a viscose jersey I found recently.  I had reservations about whether these two fabrics would marry well but they seem to be real content with each other.  Far be it for me to tell them otherwise! I topstitched the side seams and the shoulder seams with black thread. I was thinking of topstitching the front panel too…Im just worried it will distort the shape so Im leaving it for now.  I did have a little difficulty with the binding around the armholes & neckline but I recall having trouble with the polka fabric and bindings when I made the Burda top too. Its not a 100% perfect job but it will do I suppose.ByHandLondon_Polly_side

Its difficult to get a sense of the sheerness of the polka fabric on the dress form so here is a pic so you can see how the fabrics differ.


As far as the pattern itself is concerned, I found this project really easy & the sizing, for me, was spot on. I cut my usual size and had to make absolutely no alterations whatsoever. Id really like to make another Polly or two because she’s so versatile & there are so many different fabrics you could pair to make the Polly something really special. Think lace around the edges, think polka dots & stripes, think colour blocking… { OH YEAH }!

I really liked the BHL pattern & Ive been putting off buying the Anna pattern for so long. I really wanted to make it during summer but I was overwhelmed by all the Anna’s popping up here, there & everywhere that I figured I’d give you all a break & re-introduce her next year 🙂 So all of you thinking you’re the last to make the Anna, think again 🙂ByHandLondon_Polly_back

Im seeing more and more #SewRedOctober makes coming out of the sewing rooms & Im more and more impressed. If you want to see another Miss Polly, head on over to Gjeometry….she’s a stunner!

Anyway, Im hitting the sack soon – hopefully some zzzz’s will help rid me of this terrible “sick”.

’til next time xx


{ TICKING OVER } New projects…

I fell instantly in love with a few of the garments featured in the La Mia Boutique magazine in September. Anna of Paunnet showcased a few on her blog & I knew right there I would have to find that magazine. I was unsuccessful in locating a newsagent in my neck of the woods who stock this mag but after much searching, I found two suppliers online in Europe who could send the magazine on so I quickly ordered this issue before it sold out. I could have driven all the way into Vienna to the bigger newsagents but then again, I might well have just driven to Italy to pick one up myself too. Isnt Europe amazing like that 🙂

So, first up I traced this blouse : La_Mia_Boutique_09/2013/06

Then I traced this blouse :


which looks boring from the front, but the back is gorgeous so you’ll have to wait until I make this to see… :

& then I traced off this dress : La_mia_boutique_09/2013/11

those pleats!!! I mean, what is is about a pleat that gets me so excited? Anyone else suffer from the same wonderful addiction to pleats ?

So these 3 patterns should keep me busy for, oh lets call it a month or so. Did any of you purchase the September issue of LMB? & if so, which garment/s do you plan on making? Oh, & since October is now here, what are your plans for #RedOctober? I found some knit fabric in a lovely red yesterday but Im still not sure it will become.

I guess I also need to start thinking about what to knit since it would seem we just missed Autumn completely & nosedived straight into Winter.

Trust you are all having fab weekends so far…


{ REVISION } Somethings been bugging me…

…and it was time I tackled the beast.

Im sure many of you have made garments that look fabulous on the outside leaving much to be desired on the inside. My Wildest Dreams dress is one of those & now that Autumn is here & Im able to make use of the dress, with tights of course, Ive found myself loathing the way in which I finished this dress on the inside.  I was going to include pics but then I changed my mind. I feel dreadful about the standard of finish as it is, I really didnt have to reinforce that by adding pics so I could be forever be remembered as “The One that sews such shocking innards”! No, Id much rather be remembered as “The One that was too embarrassed to show the shocking innards”!

Moving right along shall we?!

If you’ve read my Wildest Dreams review then you’ll already know I sewed this dress under pressure. I was working full time during a stressful project and studying a full time syllabus after hours, with exams. To top things off I had to have surgery the same time to fix some of my own innards! Stressful would be an understatement perhaps. Anyway, we apparently make stupid decisions under stress….I took on the V1207. In my defense, it was meant to be an easy peasy project with amazing results. It ended up being one of the hardest dresses to fit & you might have seen a few other sewcialists tackle this dress with disappointing results as well.

Fitting issues aside, I really didnt take much care with finishing my seams well at all & while the fabric is beautiful, its one of the hardest Ive had to sew ever. Its a drapers dream but it frays like all hell & even though I pinked some seams, I didnt do them all. I should have overlocked all the seams for a neat finish – stress must’ve told me to leave them raw!  { DUH }.  Another problem was the zip! The dress has a very low back which I love but it was far too baggy at the zip area. I can only think this was due to post-surgery swelling. { TIP } : Never fit anything post surgery!!!

So the task lies ahead, fix all the seams so they dont fray & fit the back. Im quite keen to install an exposed zipper to the back actually….maybe in a bright blue to match the fabric, what do you think??  Im even thinking about removing the pockets alltogether. I never really liked the way they hung. Either way, the dress is under construction.

I cant wait to feel better about it.

Do you have projects with dodgy innards ? Have you gone back to fix the problems or do you wear the garment carrying around your little secret ??  Do share.

BTW, are any of you participating in #RedOctober ?


{ GET INSPIRED } #RedOctober

It would appear the Sewcialists have conjured up yet another challenge over on Twitter. This time the challenge/inspiration is to sew something red for the month of { OCTOBER } ! The lovely Leila has blogged about it so check out her blog for details.

Ive already sewed a few things this year in red to meet one of my New Year Resolutions however Im loving the idea & I would never say no to anything in red. I already have a few ideas.

Dont forget to tag your October me-made with #RedOctober for all to see. Look forward to seeing all yours.

Happy sewing x