{ BRIDGETOWN } What a babe…

What a babe this Bridgetown Backless Dress from Sew House Seven is.

I must’ve purchased this pattern back when it was first released because I know Ive had it for a while sitting, pining & just waiting to be sewed. The problem was always the fabric! I had something in my stash I thought would be suitable but unfortunately, not nearly enough.

So I waited….

Then this Ikat arrived in my life & I knew almost instantly it would be a Bridgetown dress. What I didnt know is that it would be a maxi version but you know, that just came after draping this rayon challis over me & realising, this Ikat needed to be { MAXI’d } out.bridgetown01

She’s a quick sew. No seriously, she’s really quick…& painless, coming together just perfectly. In hindsight, I should’ve cut the ‘sleeve cuffs’ with the print running in the opposite direction because it would’ve shown off the detail of that sleeve more but honestly, the party is all in the back anyway…bridgetown02

What I really love about this pattern is how it can go from being a super casual over cozzie dress to a beautiful evening dress just by changing the fabric. Its that easy! Any fabric is possible here – stretch knits, velvet, gauzy whispys…take your pick. They all work.bridgetown04bridgetown03

A real gem of a pattern & certainly not my last Bridgetown. Now could Spring/Summer hurry up already…


2 thoughts on “{ BRIDGETOWN } What a babe…

  1. I didn’t realise that it was a maxi when I spotted it on Instagram, now its even more amazing! This pattern has been continuously pushed down my sewing queue but its shot back up again now!

    1. Aw thanks Fiona. I was also pushing this pattern down my queue every time I got to it because I just didnt have the right fabric but once this Ikat arrived, I just knew it would do the Bridgetown justice…..& then in a maxi…well, some things just need to be maxied 🙂

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