{ MUSLINS, TOILES } Call them what you want…they suck!

See, this is the reason I absolutely HATE doing a muslin/toile.

Every single time I muslin, I lose interest.

I muslined up the maxi dress bodice & now Ive lost the will to actually make the real-deal dress. What is with that ?

Its annoying..

Does that make me an instant gratification sewer…is there even such a thing?

Muslins, in some instances, are VITAL, especially when you fear cutting into an expensive piece of fabric. Β Now Poppy is sitting pretty with a great fitting maxi bodice & Im over it. Im so over it, I feel like the maxi is done & dusted – moving on.

& I was so darn excited about my maxi.



9 thoughts on “{ MUSLINS, TOILES } Call them what you want…they suck!

  1. I have never done a muslin in my life for the same reason! I think that’s why I prefer refashions, they’re typically much quicker than sewing from scratch. I have a bunch of half-finished projects that I never finished because I lost interest. Bummer.

  2. I rarely muslin anything. I go by the finished measurements printed on the pattern and figure out how much ease I want. The closest I get to muslin is making Version 1 in fabric I like but it’s not ‘precious’. I usually end up with a wearable piece and the precious fabric continues to sit!

  3. Yeah, that about sums it up for me! For me it also a matter of for me, that feels like it is a waste of fabric almost. Yes, it serving a purpose, but afterwards there isn’t much use – that I am aware of. And we all know I am supreme amateur! haha.
    I attempted it only once, and that was only for the bodice of a dress where I was worried my dyslexia was causing me to get cuts backwards.
    Maybe after some time away, or a project in between you will be ready to try again! πŸ˜€
    Cause I for one, am very excited to see your maxi dress!

  4. I’m with you! Although a muslin can be very helpful, it really does take the excitement out of sewing up something “new.” I’ve gotten more comfortable with looking at the pattern’s finished measurements and making adjustments on the flat pattern, and then just going for it! Life’s too short to muslin every project πŸ˜‰ I hope the motivation for the maxi dress returns–I’d love to see it!!

    1. i think you hit the nail on the head there….muslins take the excitement out of sewing up something new. normally i am quite good at skipping the muslin step but for some ridiculous reason i decided the maxi bodice needed “toiling”….idiot i am 😦

  5. I rarely make muslin. I am now making my 4th trousers myslin… and I so with you… I have drafted basic bodies, dress and rock and I have made basic try garments from it to check. No I just pick up these basic patterns to check the patterns. However I am about to make a muslin for Chanel-like jacket… I have a very expensive fabric … so I agree here with you as well… I think that making a garment for somone else I would make muslin as well. It is saver.

  6. I know EXACTLY how you feel, I feel that way pretty much every time I try a muslin. I’m just sorry that someone else has this same issue. Maybe try it again when the weather gets a bit warmer and a maxi dress seems like a great idea for lounging poolside again?

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