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{ KNIT } What next & freebies…

Since I was almost finished on the Kim Hargreaves Sizzle, I naturally started looking at my what my next knitting project could be.

Similar to sewing, there are a million things I would like to knit, but time is evil! While I was perusing the net, I found this really cool website that offers plenty of free knitting/crochet patterns. Overall,I do love that there are so many { FREE } knitting patterns on the web, why spend good money on pattern books when we can spend good money on awesome yarn right?!

Problem is, there are so many lovely patterns to choose from… but I think I may have settled on a shrug this time…you know, the itsy bitsy thingie that keeps your shoulders warm. Not the lacy type, the chunkier more grungy type….watch this space!

On the sewing front – I have muslined up the maxi bodice! The urge to have the Sizzle finished was more important that the maxi, but now that the Sizzle is complete, Im looking forward to getting back on the sewing horse.

Will post pics of the Sizzle soon.

Thanks for stopping by & have a great weekend x

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7 thoughts on “{ KNIT } What next & freebies…

  1. I have been looking at all of your past projects with awe and a smidge of jealousy, might I say. But now knitting? Yeah, I can’t knit to save my life! So I say, good luck and I can’t wait to see how the shrug comes out!

      1. You’re welcome! And thank you! haha. You have provided a plethora of inspiration and drive with your “wildest dreams” dress and the Jenny skirt. 🙂

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