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{ McCALLS 6751 } Stripes ahead…


I realise this pattern has a big { EASY } button smacked on the front of the envelope & believe me, not only is it easy, but its super { FAST } to sew up too. From cutting to final press, this took exactly 1 hour….& that includes having to take a little break to rest my eyes after the first round of hemming because the stripes were screwing with my eyes. I used the break to fill my tummy with some chilled After Eights but Im sure you didnt come here to read about my chocolate addiction!

This McCalls 6751 pattern shows 4 variations which are all super cute. I chose View A & sewed it straight from the envelope, zero alterations. I omitted the pocket because I find it kinda stupid thats why. The length was fine for me, but for those with long torsos, you will need to make the adjustments.mccalls_6751_back

I used a slight stretch cotton that I cant tell if its navy & white or black & white! When I stare at the stripes too close or too long, my eyes give up. Whatevs, I dig it….& I love how the stripes change direction on the back…OH & the criss-cross back!!!. Instead of using the bias hemming method, I simply hemmed with a small hem using a contrast lime green thread for a little detail of colour which came out looking really cool – I think.mccalls_6751_contrast_stitching

This is super beginner, super easy, super fast which kinda equals { INSTANT GRATIFICATION } sewing. There are endless possibilities with the use of colour, edgings & fabric choices. You could even substitute lace for the back pieces which would look amazing, providing you use the right lace of course.

If you dont already have this pattern in your collection, I highly recommend it. If you already have this pattern, go & make it….you need but 1 hour!

15 thoughts on “{ McCALLS 6751 } Stripes ahead…

  1. Instant gratification with no toile/alterations/adjustments… where do I sign?!
    This is fab and I too like the stripes crossing effect at the back but had to blink to re-focus my eyes a few times!!! Not something to wear for a TV appearance!

  2. Great top! Any chance you can wear a regular bra with it? Can’t quite tell from the placement in the back.

    1. oh yes, that was something i wanted to mention.
      from the front, no regular bra can be seen however on the back, providing the straps are quite narrow you wont see it either. that being said, because the criss-cross allows for the back to open & close with wear, you are more than likely going to see some strap visible somewhere along the line. hope that helps.

  3. I think I need to come over and raid your pattern cabinet. You always come up with the cutest stuff. 🙂 I love the back on this one, and I like the subtle green thread topstitching detail. Cute! 🙂

    1. hahaha, i dont have that many patterns compared to some of you guys but i do like to make things that are interesting & i think fabric choice makes all the difference.

  4. What a fun top! I love the way the stripes show off the curve of the back, and hemming rather than using bias binding is genius for a fast, fun make like this. The idea of this top in lace is genius. I have taken your suggestion and purchased my own McCall’s 6751 🙂

    1. awwww you too cute..thanks. happy to know ive inspired someone to purchase yet another pattern..bwa hahahaha evil laugh! but honestly, you are going to love this pattern – its so easy, brainless sewing really, but a nice “palette cleanser” mid-mad-making project 🙂

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