{ VOGUE } Spring has sprung…

I was wondering how long it would take Vogue to crack open the Spring collection but I have to admit, I was more intrigued by what they would offer us because lets be honest, the last couple of Vogue seasons have been duds. I bought two patterns from their 2013 spring collection & none from their autumn collection so I really had no idea what to expect.

Can I say Im pleasantly surprised…..

I mean look at these beauties


Vogue 1381 is a Ralph Rucci. Lovely detail, great silhouette. Cant wait.V1389_pic_dwg

Vogue 1389 is a DKNY. Im kinda into the DK patterns. I love her manipulation of darts & tucks to create shape. I find the majority of her patterns timeless, understated chic and Im pleased that Vogue has introduced some more DKNYs.V8973_pic_dwg

Vogue 8973 is a Vintage Vogue pattern. {PLEATS}. Need I say more! Im such a sucker for punishment when it comes to pleats.V8974_pic_dwg

Vogue 8974 is another Vintage Vogue that kinda reminds me of the Lonsdale dress but with a little more structure perhaps. I like the little button detail and the crisscross back straps, with belt. Super cute.

There are a few others in the collection that caught my eye too but these 4 really were my favourite. Ive “wishlisted” them so now just to wait for the sale. Im not sure I know anyone that purchases these patterns full price…..or do I??

So what do you think of the new Vogue spring collection? Have you had a chance to browse them…any ideas ???


16 thoughts on “{ VOGUE } Spring has sprung…

  1. I’m waiting for the sale also. They are way too expensive to buy otherwise. But like you, I thought the current batch was much better than previous ones.

  2. The only one I’ll be getting is that beautiful Rucci dress. I have almost every pattern of his that Vogue has produced, but haven’t made one up yet! When I saw this one in linen, it went straight to the top of my queue!

  3. I love the Rucci dress, but don’t know if I’ll end up buying it or not. I’ve bought a lot of Vogue designer dresses, but then never make/wear them because I never go to fancy parties or anything of that sort. I can’t wait to see you make up some of these though–that way I can have that dress vicariously through you! 😉

  4. Love the skirt and the sundress! The other two dresses are beautiful as well, but one would need a place to wear them. I always wait for sales on the patterns before I buy!

  5. So much inspiration!! Not enough sewing time! I think my ironing basket is going to get SO big as I’ll no time for chores! 😃✂️😃

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