Fabric makes me incredibly happy…

Happy like summer rain, like bacon & eggs, like hearing children laugh…

But what makes me even happier is { SILK }.

Oh dear, the lengths I would go to for a piece of silk…

Enter FD Silk, based in China & its instant EL-OH-VEE-EEE { LOVE }. I discovered their website last year via Red Point Tailor (thank you) & quickly saved the deets for future reference. I had held out so long on purchasing The Great Anna so when I eventually took the plunge in December, I thought it only apt that I teamed it up with some silk. Hence the reason I was trawling for a good silk supplier. Admittedly, I could have just ordered from Mood but the postage to Europe would have cost me a small fortune over & above the cost of their silks.

So I selected some colour options over at FD Silk & contacted Ms Zoe for some assistance. She went above & beyond to help me with sending extra images of the silks I had enquired about so I could compare the colours – helpful in every single minute detail. What more could you ask for huh??!!

It was time to select the weights of the silks & what type of silk I needed. They offer Silk Organza, Silk Crepe de Chine (CdC), Silk Stretch Satin (Charmeuse), Silk Charmeuse, Silk Georgette / Chiffon in various weights ranging from 8mm to 40mm…the higher the number, the heavier the silk allowing for better wear.  The heavier the weight, the more expensive it becomes too but well worth the investment especially for those special garments. The mm stands for Momme (pronounced MOE-ME) specific to silk.

I purchased 1m each of 8mm Silk Habotai which I plan on making a slip vest/blouse with. I love these two colours together. They look like a swirly fresh summer ice-cream & believe me when I say it feels like heaven. The sheen is absolutely beautiful. For reference, the colour on the left is called “Pinkish Purple” similar to a lavender mauve type shade and the lighter shade on the right is called “Light Pink” naturally.8mm_habotai_white

I also purchased 7m of 14mm Crepe de Chine which I specifically have one in mind for my Anna. Can you guess which one ?? 🙂14mm_crepe_de_chine

The CdC is gorgeous but quite different to the Habotai. While its completely luxurious & soft, it doesn’t have the same sheen you see on the Habotai & thats ok because it is a different finish of course. From L-R “Plum Purple” which is a hot pink, “Light Purple” which is self explanatory & screams Pantone 2014 Colour of the Year and “Bright Yellow” which is the brightest happiest piece of fabric I think Ive ever purchased. All completely different, but equally beautiful.

Since choosing colours online is so hard, I also asked Zoe to send me some samples for future use as well as some samples of the different weights. Silk_sample_card

The colour swatch card is the one on the top. I folded my swatches out so I could see the back of the fabric too because sometimes the reverse side takes on a different colour as is the case with the charmeuse especially. Its kinda cool to see how the finishes vary depending on which side you use. Amanda recently posted a project in which she did exactly this – used the reverse side of her silk for the blouse & the shiny side for the collar. { STUNNING }

The bigger sample cards are all different examples of the various weights which is { SUPER SUPER } helpful & extremely fun to paw through. The stretch satin/charmeuse has such a gorgeous hand it will blow ya socks off & the 30mm CdC has me totally captivated.

So, if you’re looking for a silk supplier, head on over to FD Silk & speak to Zoe about what you require. My parcel was sent with UPS on Friday & was delivered to my front door on the following Tuesday – amazing. Even the UPS dude was amazed at their own service. I do love me some instant(ish) gratification, especially when it involves fabric & silk. The cost of postage varies depending on where & the weight but I found the postage fairly reasonable given the distance.

***For those wondering, I paid for this entire order, nothing was sponsored***

I just love to spread the word on great product & excellent service especially because it seems to be few & far between these days.

Happy Shopping my lovelies x


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{ SIMPLICITY 2892 } Version C

Simplicity_2892Weekend at last 🙂

This lovely top I made back the end of 2010 while we were still living in Holland. Basically, our house was packed up ready for the next relocation however my sewing machine & bits ‘n bobs were the last things to be packed. While the hubster traveled just before Christmas, I sewed into the wee-hours of the night making this & a few other things, the perfect thing to do when home alone!

From start to finish I loved making this blouse. I had been alerted to this pattern by Regan from Stitch in my side blog { REMEMBER REGAN? I MISS THAT GIRLS BLOG }. She reviewed this top & I fell head over heels, I decided to make it myself with polka & all. I used a white silk charmeuse with navy patterned polka which was really expensive but worth every penny. I french seamed and used the facings and bindings – the whole enchilada!simplicity_2892

simplicity_2892The only thing I dont like about this pattern is that its a little short for me so it rides up { SLIGHTLY } & I occasionally show my midriff…not a train smash but next time I would lengthen it. Its super cute & fits well (except the length as mentioned). Its a popular pattern of which many more cute versions have been made since I mine. I actually had this in my hands a few days ago wanting to make it again, however a New Look pattern won me over which I am almost complete so be sure to stop by again soon to see which one & how it turned out. I would recommend this pattern in a heart beat!!

Original PR review can be found here.

Have an awesome weekend.

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Happy Friday to you all –

A few days ago I was sorting some of my fabric stash because since we moved into our new house, I pretty much transferred fabrics straight from boxes to their storage without giving it much thought – in other words – I simply needed to have the boxes out of the way so I could think.

I use the Ikea 4-drawer Malm chests for my fabric storage.


{ source : Ikea }

I line the drawers with craft paper first and each drawer is dedicated to a specific type of fabric ie. on the bottom I have heavy winter fabrics (wools etc), next drawer up I store my cottons, then my lightweights ie chiffons, lace etc.  I do this because its easier for me to keep track  & I dont have to wade between heavy fabrics when Im looking for a silk…you get the idea right?! In the top drawers I keep my bits ‘n bobs for instance, buttons, ribbons, bindings, notions etc. As I mentioned in my NY resos post, I do plan on doing some shelves in the sewing room for books & I had thought of using the underside of the shelves for bottles of notions etc – we shall see.

Anyway, while I was sorting I realised that I have so much fabric that Ive bought on my travels and there are a few pieces I simply {CANNOT} even think of cutting. Its like Ive grown some attachment to them & its gotten all emotional & stuff…. {SERIOUSLY?} yes, seriously. Ive posted a few pics below so you can see which ones Im referring to :



I’ll admit, the majority of these fabrics are found on my travels to Canada, South Africa, Holland & UK so they all kinda hold sentimental memories of these travels. I guess cutting into them would still mean I have memories albeit in the form of a garment…Im pathetic with this {CANT CUT} thing but I feel like they are all too sentimental…..what can I do ?? Ive thought of going shopping for new pieces which might help to cure me because as soon as you have a new favourite, the old favourites seem to be demoted {HOWEVER} looking at how old some of these favourites are – it would appear Im not demoting anything. ever!!

Do any of you suffer from the same syndrome ? & if so, how have you overcome it?

Thanks for stopping by x

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