{Recycle old rags}


Over the years I have become a tad more selective over which garments go for donation & which go into my recycle bin. Now by recycle I mean those garments that either have accessories on them that I can benefit further from ie. buttons, clasps, ties, studs, embellishments etc. Sometimes when recycling the garment is destroyed & therefore only good for cleaning windows, floors & the likes and therefore cannot go to someone in need but I also feel like the benefits of re-using buttons & zips etc means I am still donating in some form or another.

Since relocating I found some garments that I wasnt entirely sold on wearing again but i still love the design so Im pulling them apart {CAREFULLY} to copy the pattern off & re-use to make a new one. I figured that way I get a new pattern to use over & over without having to see a favourite top/blouse/skirt/dress go to the bin. Does that make sense ?

So today I recycled the staps off of 3 bras, embellishments off of 1 pair of knickers, will be unpicking the lovely pink top you see above  for the pattern &  hacked off the buttons shown above from one of my husbands shirts that was {FAR} too big for him….but the buttons are great. The embellished top shown on the right is one of my {FAVOURITE} tops ever. I feel like I should be moving it on but I just cant! Its around 8 years old & the colour is drained but Im thinking I could still revive it by dipping into a dye bath, thereby prolonging the inevitable. Crikey, I hate saying goodbye to much loved garments. boohoo.

Do you ever recycle old garments for zips etc & how often do you unpick a favourite worn out piece to copy the pattern & make another ?


{AWOL update}

Happy Monday readers –

I thought I would update you all on how my recovery is going. Well, its going!! Ive had good days and bad {REALLY BAD} days but as each day passes I feel like its one day closer to full recovery. 

I should have received my new cast last week Thursday however the doctors were not satisfied with how my foot looked. It was still quite swollen so they therefore said I should wait a few days more & sent me home. Uuurgh.

So Im trying again tomorrow & hopefully the swelling is down sufficiently enough to take the new cast. Swelling is a strange thing to be honest. Ive done what theyve asked me to do – kept my leg up above heart level, iced packed it & stayed off my feet completely but as soon as I do need to move to the washroom, {BANG} the swelling is back in an instant. Its a difficult thing to control & I certainly do not want swelling going on in the new cast. 

If this time is teaching me anything, its how to be more patient. Its also reminded me to never take my body for granted. I know these are all cliches that we hear all the time but honestly, I would give anything to be more mobile right now. I hate sitting around doing nothing & I hate relying on the hubster to do things for me. Its also made me realise how OCD I am which is something I dont really like about myself but thats just how I am. I like things to be clean all the time, I like my towels to hang a certain way  etc etc etc. Im now having to practice patience & just let it be. Yip, lessons in life!!

Wish me luck for tomorrow as I’ll probably need it. 

Thanks for stopping by & I hope you are all creating some beautiful things in my absence.




hello lovelies –

I apologise for being {AWOL} at the moment….I promise I have a valid excuse.

You see, this past saturday we had some great snowfall so the hubster & I decided to go bob-sledding & Im sure you can now imagine where Im going with this???!!!

Yes, I ended up in the ER with a fractured ankle & they operated at 10pm to place a titanium plate & pins to stabilise my ankle. See, I told you I had a valid explanation.

So, I was discharged today armed with a temporary cast & crutches which Im proving hideous with. I had to promise the surgeon {with puppy eyes} that I would stay in bed for the next couple of days otherwise he wouldnt have let me go!  Honouring my promise so the next couple of days I will be focusing on aleviating the swelling so hopefully I can get my more permanent cast {required for 6 WEEKS} on Thursday.

WOW….yeah, im still in shock too i tell ya.

Anyway, I just wanted to let all you lovelies know where I was & that I’ll be seeing you again soon. Take care & thanks for stopping by x




{Pantone 2013 Colour of the Year}

PANTONE 17-5641 Emerald, a lively, radiant, lush green, is the Color of the Year for 2013.

{Emerald Green} – at first I was a little disappointed but then when I started to see all the vibrant emerald green garments hitting the stores I have to admit, I kinda got a little excited.

Lime green, bottle green, teal green, pale green – I have worn these all somewhere before & since I am not the biggest fan of green garments I am surprised by how many greens I have worn in the past but I have {NEVER} worn emerald green.

I had to stop as I walked past this pulli at Esprit. What an amazing colour & held up against me it didnt look half as bad as I thought it would.



{source : esprit.at}

So then I started looking at my favourite websites to see if there was any more inspiration to get me to buy into this 2013 colour of the year…..{AND LOOK WHAT I FOUND}…


{source : etsy oh kuol}


{source : supplies4parties}

Even if emerald green is not your colour to wear, incorporate it into your home, your jewellery, your nails or even your upcoming parties. The shinnier the better I reckon.


{measuring tape courtesy of net-a-porter.com}

I recently purchased a pair of lovely shoes from Net-a-Porter. Shoes, nothing else i promise…but when i opened the box, they had included a little note to say thank you for the purchase (I was a first-time shopper with them) together with this simple cotton drawstring bag & inside a perfectly sized measuring tape (in inches & cms). Now i realise since this online store sells high-end fashion items they will do anything to make sure you have all the tools at hand to enable further purchases {BUT} this aside,  I love the idea of including little measuring tapes for first-time shoppers. Together with the measuring tape was a little card to record all your measurements for easy reference too. Genius!


Since Net-a-Porter retails brands from around the world, measuring yourself before you shop is imperative since as we already know, sizing varies around the world and therefore one should refer to their measurements rather than their “home country” sizing guide. Since the tape is palm-sized and light, it travels well too.

For anyone that is interested to know, my shopping experience with Net-a-Porter was nothing short of fabulous. They delivered promptly and their parcel was very well packaged and wrapped. Professional service at its best! & NO, this is not a sponsored post by said company..just incase anyone was wondering!

Thank you for stopping by x


{hello world…}

Im siting here thinking :

this is worse than starting a conversation with a complete & utter stranger!

where do I start, what do I say!? oh geez, what have i started!!?? ok, here goes…

manners compels me to introduce myself but then again, i didn’t start this blog to show off my manner skills, i started this blog as a place to talk about sewing, crafting, beauty and all the things that fill MY life day to day, & hope that someone out there will enjoy the posts, possibly even find them amusing or helpful. ive followed fellow crafters blogs for years & i think i finally decided it was time that i joined in on the fun, put in my five cents worth and maybe (with a bit of luck) even make some new friends. awww

so friends, this is my first (very awkward) post. im here, ive got lots to tell you & i hope you will follow.  i cant promise how often i will post, it may be every day, once a week or once a month (depending on how busy i am) but i do honestly hope it will be frequent & entertaining.

welcome to my blog – i hope you enjoy your stay!

ps. i do have manners BTW & therefore i will be showing them off ,at least from time to time 🙂