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{ New Look 6254 } The non-maternity, maternity top…

Ive not wanted to turn this blog into a maternity/pregnancy blog by any means but the fact is Im expecting & since I sew mostly for myself, its natural that Id hit a stage whereby my life would be consumed with baby stuff, baby bump & dealing with dressing it. So feel free to skip these maternity frock posts if you have no interest – I dont mind 🙂

This New Look pattern has been in my pattern stash since 2004, not because I was hoping to be pregnant by then { NOOOO }. I bought it because it looked cute. Its not a maternity pattern BTW !!! After making it way back then & realising it made me look extremely pregnant, I decided to hang on to it for that day Id need it. Well folks, that day came – about 2 weeks ago. Im only due in July so its going to heat up pretty soon & then there’s the postnatal period which still requires a little bit of maternity wear so I decided to give this a go. NL6254 I used a polyester from my stash, probably also purchased around 2004 believe it or not. I was never overly fond of the fabric so I figured if the top didnt work for me, it would be no great loss. Turns out, I really like the fabric now that its made up.  It pairs well with both white & blue which will be perfect for Summer. I lined the bodice with a cream cotton to keep things stable. There should have been more gathers under the bust however on fitting, I realised it was a little too snug gathered right up so I let them out a little to allow for some extra room for the growing bewbs. Its still a little snug so Im hoping these milkies dont grow too much more. NL6254_side On the up side, there is plenty room on the lower front for the expanding baby bump. The sides have splits to a decent height allowing for extra swish which is nice. NL6254_side2Overall, its a quick easy sew & a top suitable for maternity, although it wouldnt work as a nursing top unfortunately. Now, all I need is the snow to move on out so the sun can come out. Roll on Summer. x

4 thoughts on “{ New Look 6254 } The non-maternity, maternity top…

  1. Cute blouse! I find it interesting how for those of us that have extra “fluff” in our midsection they say to wear an empire line, yet everyone looks pregnant in an empire line. I don’t get it. Regardless, your blouse is very pretty, and hopefully your “milkies” (haha, love that!) don’t grow anymore and you can keep wearing it. 🙂 And since you’re due in July, I’ll send sympathy your way–my first was a July baby, and it would have been utter misery if it had been a typical Kansas summer. Thankfully, it was unseasonably cool that year. May it be the same for you!

    1. Thank you – I too find the empire line exaggerates midsection fullness rather than conceal!
      Thanks too for the sympathies 🙂 The winter has been so long this time around Im really looking forward to some warmer weather – since this is first baby, I’ll act ignorant on what heat means to newborns/new moms 🙂 haha YIKES

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