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{ IM STILL HERE } Was there any doubt…

Its true, I’m still knocking around although I realise my last post here was more than a month back. { CRAP }. Where has the month gone ?

Ive been so busy. Work has been crazy with 2 London projects wrapping up more or less at the same time which means double the amount of stress…. Not good!! We’ve also been working on our basement preparing to move our office down because it just wasn’t acceptable in our living space any longer. The constant work reminder resulting in no boundries between work & home was just not working for me…add to that the { MESS } dear me, the mess!!! As you know, I like things in order but I just could not stand to look at the office any longer. So we’ve finally moved. More space, more storage, more office-y equals more happy πŸ™‚

Added to all that its the end of year rush. Need. I. say. more!

And then just to add things to the already stressful mix, Ive been working on a huge project. { HUGE }. Cant share the details just yet but soon…I promise πŸ™‚

Ive also been sewing, not much, but Ive been sewing. I have quite a few things in the draft folder to blog – just need to sort out the pics. Ive got the Colette Peony to show you, Ive got a lovely linen NL6248 skirt that I made in summer to share, Ive finished the V1247 blouse & Ive whipped up a gorgeous coral Maria Denmark Kimono tee which Ive been wearing all the time so I need to show you that. Soon. Promise.

For now though, SLEEP.

Have a lovely weekend xx Ange


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