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{ MEN } Simplicity 1544 + giveaway…

There is constant chatter amongst the sewcialists regarding “selfish sewing”. Some of us are quite happy to be selfish seamstresses while some of us will sew for anyone or anything….yes, Im talking about you out there that sews for your dog/cat/neighbour. Ive touched on it briefly, but for me, sewing for others really does boil down to how confident I feel as a sewer. I always think that while a crooked seam here or there, a wonky facing etc might be ok for me to overlook, I always worry that it may be frowned upon by others I may sew for.  Strange but true.

I recently sewed a Datura for my SIL which was very well received.  With this in mind coupled together with the ½ price Simplicity sale (still running BTW) at Sew Essential UK, I purchased a whole whack of patterns, Simplicity 1544 being one of them. Simplicity1544_giveawayI have wanted to sew for the hubby for some time so this pattern seemed like a good place to start. Without going into much boring detail, I buggered up on the sizing..& it turns out I now have  { TWO } of these lovely Simplicity 1544 patterns.

I cheekily suggested I give one away via my blog. The lovely folk at Sew Essential agreed so they win, I win, you win. Its a { WIN WIN…WIN }.


So, if you wanna win this mens pattern (SIZE 34-42 US, 44-52 EURO), please leave a comment below before next SUNDAY 05 October 2014. You must have an active sewing blog linked to your comment & follow me either on WordPress or Bloglovin’. Giveaway is open worldwide so dont be shy.

Good luck.



17 thoughts on “{ MEN } Simplicity 1544 + giveaway…

  1. I know exactly what you mean about needing confidence to sew for others! And I hate being thought of as a “selfish sewer”–I think I’m being very kind and thoughtful not to foist my wonky garments on my poor friends and family. Anyway, don’t even think about picking me for the giveaway, since I won’t be sewing for my husband anytime soon! 😉

  2. Oohh I am currently working on men’s pattern 8759 by vogue. The first bit of unselfish sewing I did was for my mother! I have made her a couple dresses and now I’m making the vogue shirt in flannel for my boyfriend. If all goes well I think the pattern your giving away would make an awesome christmas gift for my dad who has never received anything sewn by me! Thanks so much for doing this give away!

  3. Hubby has forced my hand to enter! He’s not satisfied with wife-made pyjamas and wants me to branch out to men’s shirts!!! A slightly nervous and reluctant entry but I know it will be used.

  4. I tried making my boyfriend a shirt – it mostly went well, but I messed up the sleeves a little. He doesn’t care, but I get annoyed every time I see the mistake I made. I need to make another one.

  5. I will always put my hand up for a men’s shirt pattern. I prefer selfish sewing but I do sew hubby business shirts….usually for birthdays though. I like trying different shirt patterns. I find sewing for him so stressful though, only because I expect perfection when I sew for others. …silly really. However they are always received so well and a good outcome is always immensely satisfying, particularly if I managed a sharp collar…

  6. Yeah, so one of my first few things for my guy was a tie. But I did a bad job handling the bias-cut fabric. So it’s all kinds of crooked. Maybe a shirt would be better. Ha. Any reason you picked this exact pattern? Simplicity has a few men shirt patterns…

  7. I also prefer a bit of selfish sewing, but hey, I’m a man sewist! A good ol’ pattern allus comes in handy! I just need to finish summat!

  8. I’ve wanted to make a shirt for my boyfriend for over a year now, and I’d like to try making one for my dad as well, and perhaps my brother. I have the Colette Negroni pattern, but now that I’ve made an Archer shirt with a proper collar with a collar stand, I really want a “proper” men’s shirt pattern as well. I’ve been eyeing this one, but haven’t been able to afford it yet, so it would be really awesome if I won it!
    I follow you in my feed reader, hope that counts!

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