{ OVERLOCKER / SERGER } In the market for a newbie…

So after around 2 years of not using my overlocker, I finally pulled it out a while back & since then Ive been using it for almost everything.

I was given this machine back in 2003, but she had plenty miles on her then already…Id have to guess & say she was already 8 years then. So that makes ‘ol Ellie around the 18/20 year old mark?!?

She’s tired.  She works. { HARD } but she’s sooo tired. She’s aged incredibly well & in the 11 years Ive had her, she’s given me very little trouble. I’ll admit, there were some days I wanted to throw her around the room in frustration but I learnt over the years that she just mostly likes to do things in { HER } time which usually meant overnight. Id sleep while she worked on her issues. The next day we’d be friends again. Forcing her was never an option as Im sure many of you have discovered with your overlockers & their threading issues!

Anyway, recently Ive started wondering if its not worth looking into a new overlocker but perhaps with the added benefit of a coverstitch too. Ive been reading a tonne of reviews and watching a lot of youtube vids but I was wondering if any of you have any recommendations.  Also, any advice from those of you that maybe have a combination overlocker/coverstitch machine & how its been working out for you. Ive read some sewers say they’d keep their overlocker & coverstitch separate ??! Hmm..interesting. Im not 100% sold on whether I need a coverstitch either…

Machines are an investment & I dont mind spending a good amount of cash because I know if a machine is good, it will last!! Take Ellie for instance. She’s almost 20 & still going…albeit with some issues. (I could have her professionally serviced & new blades installed etc etc but servicing in Austria costs upwards of €130 so when I think about the value of that cash, I start to think about investing in a newer fancier one than repairing or servicing a 20yr oldie).

Anyway fellow sewcialists, your advice is always welcome & valued…

Good weekend to you all

Ange x


12 thoughts on “{ OVERLOCKER / SERGER } In the market for a newbie…

  1. I have my serger and coverstitch separate. My serger is the brother 1034D and even though she is cheap she works beautifully and never gives me issue. I got my Brother 2340cv coverstitch in march and love it too. I like them separate because I can bounce between them without removing needles, knives, threads, etc.

    Good luck with finding new machines!

  2. I would personally have them separate, but I don’t have a coverstitch, so I don’t know that from firsthand experience. I LOVE my Babylock Imagine, and if I were buying again, I’d buy another Babylock. I’ve heard good things about the Brother and Janome Coverstitch, but I’ve never used the Brother. I did test drive the Janome, but I didn’t fall in love with it.

  3. I have both and I don’t recommend a combined model (though if you go combined, go top end i.e. Babylock – which at least has the best mechanics and the easiest change over). Having to switch over inclines you never to use whatever setting you’re not on. And since sergers are much more useful that cover stitch machines, you’ll likely keep it in serger mode all the time. BTW, I don’t think a cover stitch is worth it at all – and I spent 1000 bucks on mine. (Maybe if I’d got the Baby Lock I’d love it as much as my Baby Lock serger, which can do no wrong.) I still often just serge the hem and then use my regular machine to top stitch. The cover stitch is too fussy to bother with half the time. Yet another thing to thread and fuss with when a regular stitch does just as well, esp. if the hem is serged. Knowing what I know, I wouldn’t bother with a CS.

    1. yeah, i was never really sold on a coverstitch…i just liked the idea of having a combi-machine but the more i read & ask, the more everyone is saying keep them separate. and i absolutely agree, the overlocker is by FAR a better investment especially considering the type of sewing i do. thanks for your recommendation…always valued!

  4. I’ve got a Janome 9300x overlocker which suits my needs and out if the four I tested at the shop I just took to it straight away. I’ve considered a cover stitch but decided to wait as, so far, I’ve always managed to get the settings on my sewing machine to hem knits neatly even if it takes a bit if time tweaking and faffing.

    1. Thanks Emma…I think Im convinced that a combi-machine is not the right choice so Im going to focus on finding the best darn overlocker out there. Thanks for your recommendation.

  5. Have you checked the classifieds on PR? There was a Babylock on there yesterday(?), not sure if it would still be there or where it would ship from, but it might be worth a look.

  6. My serger is a Juki MO-734DE and it is fabulous easy to thread and maintain and goes like the clkappers, I believe that the Bernina model is exactly the same but £100 dearer.

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