{ THOUGHTS } Do you sew for others…

Ive thought about this…alot. More so than I probably should to be honest.

Do you sew for others? 

Im not talking about you lovelies that sew for others for a living….I mean, thats paying the bills. Im talking about you other lovelies that sew for fun, because you love it – not that those of you that sew for a living dont love it but youknowwhatimean…Maybe the question should be rather – Do you enjoy sewing for others ?

Cos lemme tell ya, I dont. Im a selfish sewer if ever there was one.

There. { I SAID IT }.

Why ? Well, for a variety of reasons.

I dont like spending hours sewing for other people when Im not 100% sure they’re gonna love it, appreciate it or value it the way I do. 

And I always feel so open for judgement. Could that just be me?! Do you feel it too? 

Also, what about those folk you’ve sewed for that tell you “OMG i love it “ but you { NEVER } see them wearing whatever you made them? I call those the one-timers coz thats how many times I sew for them….only one time!

And, there’s still an era of folk out there that think “homemade” is beneath them, working class. The type that must buy labels. Yip, I avoid those folk too coz their understanding & my understanding are just too far apart.

My sister-in-law recently saw the 2nd Datura I was finishing up (still to be blogged) & mentioned some fabric she had stashed away. I offered to make her a Datura which I finished up last weekend. Im so curious about how it will be received.


So tell me, do you enjoy sewing for others? 

21 thoughts on “{ THOUGHTS } Do you sew for others…

  1. I don’t sew for others because I just don’t find it rewarding to spend all that time making something I don’t get to wear! For me, the big payoff of making clothes is to wear them (and get compliments, natch). I, too, feel racked with guilt over the fact that I’m a Selfish Stitcher.

  2. I consider myself a selfish sewer even though I do sew (occasionally) for my husband and daughter. But I have made it a policy now not to sew for anyone else because I just resent spending precious time on someone else. Don’t feel guilty. Sewing is your time. Do what truly makes you feel free and happy.

  3. I enjoy sewing for someone else every once in awhile when it is my idea, but mostly I enjoy sewing for me! I don’t feel bad about it, does any other type of person with a hobby feel obligated to use their hobby for others, such as a person who makes furniture as a hobby, a gardener, a painter, fisherman….the list goes on. Can you imagine asking someone to grow tomatoes in their garden for you or build you a desk?

  4. I’ve had plenty of people offer me money for what I’m wearing (wait a minute, that didn’t come out right) but I always tell them it’s one of a kind. Once I invent something, I tweak each duplicate so that no two are alike. I sew for the sheer fun of it and the indescribable joy of making something for a fraction of the price in the catalog. And in the color I actually want. Stupid catalog.

    1. I do love it when sewing works out cheaper than buying however its few & far between these days because fabric, patterns & notions are so expensive!
      I think the joy of sewing your own clothes far outweighs purchasing though – irrelevant of what it may cost us sometimes.

      1. Because my tastes are so unique and specific, it’s rare that I cannot make something more cheaply than I find it in a store or catalog if, indeed, I find it at all. Most of my pieces were synthesized from multiple sources into one item.

        The least I’ve saved is around 15% but the norm is usually from 50% to 75%. Especially when we’re talking about the perfect color, the perfect fit, exactly the kind of fabric I want, extra durability, etc.

        I use absolutely everything I can in my stockpile and anything that is left over gets donated to my library’s arts and crafts programs.

  5. I sew for my kids but I don’t consider that unselfish – just an extension of the things I have to make, for me included. I sewed 1 thing as a baby outfit/present and that’s it. I get so caught up in the “it must be perfect” and “I don’t know if they will like it” will it fit? things like that. I hate judgement and disappointment too. plus I feel there isn’t enough time for ME sewing anyway. lol

    I love the blouse though, it is lovely and should be well received.

  6. I enjoy sewing for my husband and son, but both of them appreciate (and wear the heck out of) whatever I make for them. Other people, not so much. They don’t seem to “get” how much time and effort goes into making something, even if it’s something small. I have two kiddos now, so my sewing time is even more precious and I don’t want to waste on someone who just doesn’t “get” it. And yes, I’m very much the type to panic about how something will be received and am terrified that someone won’t like what I make.

    That Datura is gorgeous, so if your friend doesn’t like it, she’s crazy!! 😉

  7. The top is really nice, and should be well received. The question ……
    I sew for a few close family members, but never for acquaintances. (Friends wouldn’t ask). I don’t think sewing for oneself only is selfish. How many woodworkers volunteer to knock up a coffee table for friends? Do keen gardeners nip round and mow your lawn? A few keen mechanical types restore vintage cars for fun, do they pop round and fix gear boxes for pals?

  8. I don’t sew for others unless they pay me! The only time I’ve selfishly sewn for anyone else is when I made my sisters wedding dress. My sister is actually the only person I could guarantee would be happy with something I’d made for her.

      1. Sewing your sisters wedding dress has got to be THE most unselfish thing to sew EVER..Bravo to you. I dont think I have the nerves to sew a wedding dress….yet!

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