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{ RTW } So I had some time today…

to do something that I really dont have much time to do anymore.

More so than no time, I just really dont feel the need to browse much RTW as I used to.  I find the quality of fast fashion alarming, more & more so in fact. The particular store I browsed today was nothing short of junk…I have no other way to describe what I saw…& touched. { EVERYTHING } was synthetic, cheap & sewn together so badly, I wouldn’t even use them for rags to mop up my floor.

Sure, the goods are cheap….or at least they appear to be { BUT } when you think about how much wear you would get out of a €7.95 cami for instance, by the time its made it through its 3rd or 4th wash, if indeed it even gets through that many washes, is it even still the same shape or colour as it was when you first purchased it??

So I left the store, rather displeased & en-route to my car I suddenly found myself smiling…..pleased & proud to say that I dont have to purchase that rubbish any longer. I would much rather spend my hard-earned dineros on good fabric that I know I can turn into a million-buck cami if I wanted to, that would go through endless washes before it started to remotely fall to pieces.

I smiled because I can sew.

I smiled because you can too.

xx Ange


12 thoughts on “{ RTW } So I had some time today…

    1. So true.
      I also should have mentioned that I still buy RTW but not even a fraction of what I used to buy – I feel like being able to sew has made me a snob…but in a good way 🙂

  1. You’ve hit that point of no return! If I was to buy RTW, it would have to be RTW that I cannot afford!
    But I admit to going into stores to check the finishes…

    1. The finishes are interesting & I find myself looking at RTW from a totally different perspective. Im not saying I will never buy RTW again because there are still some lovely high end RTW that Id love to get my hands on, but I dont need to indulge in these cheap H aaaaahm & aaaaahmmM any longer. Hooray!!!

  2. Love this, I feel the same every time I find myself in a RTW store. Or more accurately, I always think – I could buy that, or I could buy much nicer fabric for the same price and have the joy of sewing it for myself. Then I leave 🙂

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