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{ McCALLS 6839 } Party’s in the back…

The hubster is away & its raining outside so it seems the universe finally straightened itself out & gave me the well overdue time I needed to sit & sew. It actually started Friday in fact. I had work to do but since a lot of my work relies on the UK folk (& they were bank holidaying), I decided to pull out my ‘ol Ellie & get her all cleaned up before starting a quick project, you know, something to give me that instant satisfaction I was craving.

Some of you may recall my post last year when I told you that I had not used my overlocker in a year….that was last year MAY!! So its been 2 years since I used her & I have to say, I feel the same way about it all now as I did then.. I loved taking the break to explore my other options on finishing seams but I’ll be honest & say its nice to have her back too, plus, my pinking shears are farking blunt!! Anyone know if those can be sharpened??

Ellie needed { A LOT }of TLC to make her happy. I must have spent at least 2 hours trying to figure out her problems – tensions, needles, thread, re-thread. Nope, she did not want to know my business, so I left her overnight. Saturday she was still skipping stitches & messing me around until a light came on…{ DING } LUBRICATION!! A couple drops of oil to her vitals & she was purring like a kitten. Back in business ….

So, the task at hand was McCalls 6839 version B, with no sleeves. I used an olive viscose jersey I had purchased last year and found as close a finish dark green to match in thread. She whipped up quite easy & before you judge her from the front in all her boring-ness….McCalls6839_front

…check her out from the back!!! McCalls6839_back

I mean really, what is there not to love about a top that comes together in a matter of an hour or so, complete with party in the back??? Nothing right.

I overlocked my side seams, shoulder seams & the back drape before turning over to finish. To avoid any stretching out on the back yoke & neck I used an iron-on strip interfacing & a bias one which I bought here for the neck area. You could make your own by bias cutting soft interfacing of course – its cheaper!

So the big question – is it underthings friendly?? Well, that depends on the type of underthing you wear. I have an average sized torso & I find my normal cross strap shows if it sits centre but I do have some that sit much lower so these work fine. For example in the pics above Im wearing a low fitting bra & it does not show. (aaaahhhmmm, excuse what looks like smartie action happening on the front….oh you see, you didnt notice it at first, now Ive gone & brought it to your attention…) There are so many lovely lacey underthings on the market these days anyway,that who cares if you see something peeking…

Its worth mentioning that the back drape can be made as drapey as you like. Cut the back drape from a scrap piece of fabric & then play with what suits you best. Increasing or decreasing the back piece will give you options on how deep or high the drape hangs.

Anyway, its a good pattern, one that could even be good done in a drapey woven although you’d have to allow a little extra fabric to compensate for no stretch factor. I cut my usual size but it was around a size too big so I pinched in where I needed  before finishing off the seams.

Highly recommended so dont be surprised if you see another version before the summer is out.

xx Ange



12 thoughts on “{ McCALLS 6839 } Party’s in the back…

  1. That certainly is an interesting back! I think I read somewhere you can slightly sharpen pinking shears by cutting through a couple of layers of aluminium foil. A professional sharpener is probably a better option though. Perhaps your local fabric or sewing machine store knows someone able to do it? I am fairly sure it can be done.

  2. I bought a brand new pair of Gingher pinking shears that were super dull and I had them sharpened before I could even use them. Just ask your regular person if they can do them, or if they know someone who can. I’d think the aluminum foil would make it worse, but maybe not.

    Anyway, being a major sucker for a cute back detail, I think this shirt is FABULOUS!!! 🙂 You definitely need another one…or two. 😉

  3. Hey, that is a classy top! Love the fit on the back, really elegant. I so need to get my sewing machine back on…

  4. Thank you so much for sharing this! Looks wonderful! 🙂 I made the same pattern but I’m very new to sewing so I didn’t think about interfacing and my neckline looks a little sad/weak and droopy probably for that reason. Are there any tips or instructions you could share to help make it look sturdier the next time I make this?

    1. Hi & thanks for your comment. You can interface with a light weight interfacing cut on the bias for stretch (if you using a stretch fabric). If your seams are looking wobbly, it could be you’ve overstretched the fabric when sewing. Keep practicing, you’ll get it 🙂

      1. Thank you! 🙂 I’ll try the interfacing next time and be more careful with stretching the fabric. I think you might be right about that as I was having trouble going over the shoulder seams so I may have applied too much force trying to make it work. Will try again in a new color 🙂

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