{ QUIET IN THE CHAMBER } Ive been quite crap…

…recently with sewing or blogging…or anything remotely related.

After finishing german school I was recruited by the hubster to assist him with his current project. If I tell you its been non-stop thump thump since middle march, I wouldn’t even be exaggerating.

Its been manic.

Ive had days when Ive actually thought setting myself on fire would be more comfortable & we all know how there is nothing comfortable about the prospect of that. But seriously, when last did I read a blog….Um…I have around 280 blogs to catch up on.

We are nearing the end though so its gonna get better soon-ish. Ive never ever been under this kind of stress. I cant think straight. Its not healthy & I certainly don’t plan to be under it much longer but work is work & we are grateful to have it. Still, a good nights sleep would be good & a little stint in the sewing room would be even better.

On the up side, Ive booked my flights to join you guys at the London Meetup in May. #terribly excited. Check in at Rachel’s blog for details on the when’s, the where’s and the how’s to join in on the fun. {WHOOP WHOOP}.

Anyway, just wanted to let you all know why Ive been so crap at keeping the blog up to date.

Trust you are all well & sewing up a storm.

Ange x


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