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{ LEATHER JACKET } Cabernet…

Hello Lovelies –

Im finally getting my a-into-g & started to muslin the BurdaStyle leather jacket from the 08/2013 magazine. I buy the German edition becoz thats whats on offer here in my ‘hood but I need your help { PRETTY PLEASE}. Normally Im quite good at following the german instructions but Im battling to make sense of these.

Can any of you lovelies email me a copy of the scanned english instructions for the 113 leather jacket from the 08/2013 BurdaStyle ? You can send to love you forevs 🙂

Here’s a pic!!


Im very behind in my sewing. Sewjo seems to be back but I just cant find the time to sew. Work is craz-ee. Im supposed to be only working 20hrs per week but its looking more like 50!! & the weekends are filled with housekeeping duties, on top of all sorts of other challenging stuff we’re having to navigate at the moment (more on that another time though)…


Never ends.

I seem to have 3 WIPs at the moment in various stages of “undecided”….does it get any worse ? One just needs a hem, the other needs to progress from muslin phase & the last is dyed, pinned & just needs to be sewed. I need a kick in the ass I know. And somehow Ive started on this leather jacket too…..

I really need to go back to one project at a time!

x Ange




10 thoughts on “{ LEATHER JACKET } Cabernet…

  1. I wish I could help, but sadly, I don’t buy many Burda mags, and this one isn’t in my stash. But I can totally relate to you on needing to get your ass into gear and having too many WIPs. Because I’m right there myself–I’ve got a quilt that needs quilted, I’ve been at the same spot on the same bra for nearly a month, and two pairs of undies are waiting for a waistband…I just haven’t felt the motivation in the bits and pieces of time between the baby and my new “job”. So at least you aren’t alone!

    1. Sometimes we just have to miss the wave & wait for the next one….too many WIPs lying around is overwhelming…it makes me panic even more about how much still needs to be finished up. Together we can do it 🙂 x

  2. 3 WIPs !! (first time I have heard this term) – don’t worry about that. I only wish that was the sum of mine. For me the buying of fabric and the start of the sewing are where all the fun is. Once nearer the end and where maybe problems start I then get drawn into a new project. This is where reading blogs has been my downfall. I always promise myself that I will go back to the unfinished item, but sadly it gets tucked away and forgotten. I keep promising myself that I will finish them all off, but have no enthusiasm for it. So, well done for only 3.

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