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What a word huh??!!

Frühlingsmüdigkeit is the only “thing” I can put my latest funk down to. Directly translated it means Spring Tiredness & although Im not necessarily tired as such, I seem to be disinterested in most things that usually make me quite happy ie. cooking, painting & sewing. I just feel sorta kinda…. { FLAT }.

I started muslin-ing the Anna & lost total interest so I started on another little project but Ive lost interest in that too….Do you see a trend ? The Hubster pointed out its perfect time for the so called syndrome so Im gonna roll with it & see how long it takes for my sewjo & other jo’s to return.

Until then, I’ll just keep myself busy with watching as Spring develops….however ironic that may be.



6 thoughts on “{ FRÜHLINGSMÜDIGKEIT } …

  1. I don’t have the first clue of how to pronounce that, but it’s been trying to sneak in on me a bit too. All these things that need done before we move and no motivation to do any of it….

    Hope you get to feeling more motivated soon! 🙂

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