Guys, Ive finally gotten Anna on the cutting table….{ FINALLY }.

Now, you guys know Im not one for muslin-ing BUT after the near crash that was the Datura I decided all new brands deserved at minimum a quick fit – just to be sure. So, having not sewn a By Hand London garment as yet, I decided it was prudent to start with a little mockup…

Boy am I glad I did.

This betty’s bewbs dont fit!!! { WAAAAAAAAH }

Its far too tight, the side seams are under some serious strain & the back – well, theres absolutely no chance of getting a zip in there.

As frustrating as it is, Im soooooooooo pleased I decided to muslin, even though I hate it so much!! I cant say I wasnt tempted to just chop into my silk coz damn, I was revving to go.

Moral of the story – Always listen to your inner monkey.

Anna_muslin_frontAnna_muslin_back Back to the chopping board for me….



4 thoughts on “{ ON THE CUTTING TABLE } Anna…

  1. I love when I find muslins were actually worth it!! It’s so annoying when they are a waste of time and you could have jumped right into the main garment.
    I’m also in the process of sewing the Anna bodice and I found the bust circumference to be on the short side, and I’m not even well-endowed in the bust area!

  2. So good that you did not cut into your silk. I actually went up a size in the Anna and glad I did. Before you cut your silk, I would recommend looking at Grainline Studios tutorial where she suggests sandwiching the fabric between paper.

    1. Thanks for the encouragement. I actually kept the same size on the front of the Anna & did the FBA which improved things muchly. I will check out the tut, thanks x

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