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{ PENDRELL } Perfectly…

This soft drapey black georgette was screaming to be a Pendrell, just { SCREAMIN’}.Sewaholic_Pendrell_closeup

Call me a bore, but I really like her in black. Equal parts sophisticated & chic to borderline american football player with those puffy cap sleeves but Im all in on american football players. Dont.dare.judge.

What can I say about the Pendrell that hasn’t already been said?! Well, nuttin’ really. She’s an absolute dream to sew up & an absolute thrill to wear.  Since there are no zips, buttons or any of that crap, she’s easy but like others have reported, somewhat tight to slip on. Once on though, she sits like a glove.

I found the extended length rather ,well…extended but it gave me enough to turn up quite a wide hem which Im so in love with so I didnt mind. I also took the opportunity to make little slits to the side seams before hemming. Apart from that, I sewed in the neck binding as per the instructions but opted to omit the armhole bindings & just turned them under & sewed….easy peasy.Sewaholic_Pendrell_side

While version C is a simple princess seamed blouse, the other two versions with cap sleeves or frills bumps this pattern up from being plain jane to unique & quite pretty. I have to admit that I am in { LOVE }.

Im digging Miss Pendrell so much Im thinking I might just take the time to increase the length & width to make it a dress. { WHAAAA }.Sewaholic_Pendrell_front

Imagine. All this loveliness in dress form.

Folks, thats all for today….now onto #SewDollyClackett 🙂


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