{ OH NO } “The sick”…

I have things to blog about, I do. Its just, life sometimes gets in the way you know.

Last week my world was wrapped up in school & my final Deutsch exam. In fact, the last 6 months have been slower here on the blog due to school but thats about to change cos { SCHOOL’S OUT } and Im ready to be reacquainted with my Sapphy. Β BTW, I’ll take claps & whistles for finishing top of my class, I sure will. πŸ™‚

But just as I thought I was home free, I picked up a nasty viral infection. Ended up in bed for 4 days with insane fever & a terrible chest infection to boot. Only today am I feeling somewhat “alive” again. I honestly cannot remember when last I felt that bad, if ever perhaps. Breaking my ankle last year was a walk in the park compared (ok, maybe not) but you knowwhatimean.


So like I said, I have things to blog about, things I made prior exams & ‘the sick’. Im just gonna have to be patient with recovery but rest assured, I’ll post as soon as I can.

Hope you are all well x


7 thoughts on “{ OH NO } “The sick”…

  1. It’s that thing – the pressure goes off and your body goes, Ok, NOW I can afford to be sick without the lions eating me. Sounds awful, hope you ar better soon but do take it easy as those things can really eat up your energy for a while.

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