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{ DO IT DAY } Naughty curtains…


This is where naughty curtains end up in my house – time out in a corner until they learn to behave.Β naughty_curtains

Karen’s recent blogpost reminded me of something on my to-do list!!!

I hung some lovely curtains in my bedroom a year ago. Out the box they were about 50cm too long so I artfully faux hemmed them using pins. A year on – Im running low on pins, I thought why not tackle the elephant in the room. To-do list will be happy & I’ll score a bounty of pins too. { BONUS }.

Ive just spent 5 hours today trying to get 4 drops of curtaining to not only be the same length, but just behave in general. They have been exceptionally naughty Folks. Im reminded of why I pinned them in the first place – { I HATE SEWING CURTAINS }.

So as I tossed them with force into the corner to think seriously about what they’ve done, while the hubster scuttled from the room in fear of his life, Im asking myself this : Do I really need bedroom curtains??

How do you feel about Home Decor sewing, curtains especially? & how oh how do you get them to be the same length? Dont say measure because that doesnt work. Ive been measuring for 5 hours…one side is shorter, longer, skewer….{ FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUCCCCCCCCCKKKKKKKKKKKKKK } should about sum it up!



5 thoughts on “{ DO IT DAY } Naughty curtains…

  1. There… there. I’m approaching cautiously for hubby may have the right approach but my soul tells me I have to help! (prior to sewing clothing I made many a curtain and blind) Right… did you pin while they were hanging? And once pinned where they level? If you’re confident chop 30cm off, (press as they’ve been crumpled in a heap on the floow – tut tut). Re-hang. Ignore your cutting line, pin so they are level with the floor and each other. Place extra pins along the fold line (or 1cm in from the fold). Ironing board time. Press the fold you want. Measure and mark an even distance from your pressed fold (I like 10cm hem plus 2 cm turned under on my curtains). Trim along this line. Press your 2cm under. Sew (personally blind hand sewn hem is top notch but I feel your pain so just run them badgers through the machine).

  2. My general take on this is “if it can’t be worn, I can’t make it”. So, I have been in my house almost 10 years and I still have no curtains (I have no neighbors) and I have bought my pillow covers in that great big blue and yellow swedish place and I’m happy!

  3. I HATE making curtains and that’s why I am never going to do it again. My tip for measuring the hem is to use a skirt marker if you’ve got one. That really makes your life much easier.

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