{ SHUCKS } & bugger ups…

I spent all day sewing last Sunday.

Only to be left disappointed when I sewed this dress together & hated it. { PLUS }  it doesn’t fit either!!

I will admit though, this project was doomed from the start. I had the feeling this fabric would not work  but I fought my feelings.

I spoke myself into using a fabric I knew { INSTINCTIVELY } was all wrong. { STUPID STUPID STUPID }.

So friends, here is my disaster project.


So much of a disaster, I couldn’t have even been bothered to photograph it by day, let alone take out the nice camera 🙂

The fabric is an offcut from a previous project years ago. You know how I love me some indian sari right.  It just doesn’t work though & I knew it. Only God knows why I went ahead & cut it anyway. Lesson learned I say.

The pattern is the Liesl & Co Weekend Getaway. I had such great results from the blouse version, I was dying to try the dress. There is absolutely nothing wrong with either the pattern or the fabric, but together, they just didn’t work unfortunately.

Anyway, I may still try & fix it, remove the { Y } trim down the middle & perhaps cut it into the blouse version. Im not holding my breath though…

So Happy Weekend to you all. x


14 thoughts on “{ SHUCKS } & bugger ups…

  1. Hi, I don’t understand why it’s such a disaster? The dress looks okay to me…..what am I missing? I know how dis-heartening it is to work on something and then not be happy with it.

  2. Well… what the most you don’t like? did you try wearing it with a belt? Maybe it has to be more fitted in tail? Maybe you can make a nice belt from this horisontal stripe? The fabrik is great!

  3. I love the fabric, and totally see why you tried to talk sense into your better judgment, but if it doesn’t work, then put it away and use the fabric for another project sometime in the future. Thanks for posting this, BTW. I don’t always post those things that I’m not crazy happy about….

  4. Eh, we all have flops, good on you for posting the bad along with the good. At least the dress looks simple enough that you should be able to salvage the fabric for something else. I am curious though, is the fabric too stiff for the dress? That’s what it looks like in the pics, but I’ve never touched this type of fabric to know what it feels like.

  5. I know what you mean about the sari fabric. My mum has given me a bag full of old saris that she doesn’t wear anymore and I cannot bear to throw away all that lovely….silk!!! But, my one experience of trying to sew one of the saris into a blouse….meh….BUT I am determined to make one of them work someday!

    1. i absolutely { LOVE } saris. i love how vibrant they are & the antique ones have such soul. ive actually made so many things from saris in the past, summer wardrobe is mostly wrap skirt saris. This dress however just failed miserably… 🙂 Look forward to seeing what you make from the saris!

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