{ 2014 } The whats & whys…

Last year I kicked off the NY with some resos which Ive decided not to do this year.

After pondering it for some time, I just came to realise that life is so short, shit happens and do I really want to impose deadlines, rules & stupid jinxes on something that gives me such a ridiculous amount of pleasure…stressing me out & making me feel bad when I dont accomplish these insane resolutions. Um…NO.

Allowing my hobby to run at its own speed and develop its own style is the best thing I could wish for. Taking the pressure off and just going with what I feel at that time seems so indulgent but natural. Sewing does for me the same thing that running or yoga does – it relaxes and calms my mind giving me time to process all the craziness in this world.

Last year taught me that Im a girl that likes to sew spur of the moment style. I produce the best garments when I have no preconceived plans & no deadlines. I start a project on a whim & usually it develops along the way.

So consider me { UNSUBSCRIBED } to that forward planning bullshit,  you know, the kinda bullshit that has you buying patterns & fabric months in advance & queueing. I have enough in my wardrobe to cater for emergency “functionwear” so I dont have to plan nothing for anything man. Im just gonna sew what grabs my fancy & enjoy the ride coz thats what a hobby is supposed to be…..a PLEASURE CRUISE. Dont expect to see me planning for “seasonal” sews either. Nope.  Unsubscribed.

Im goin’ rogue…


11 thoughts on “{ 2014 } The whats & whys…

  1. I tried to shy away from specific goals and such this year too, because I never seem to follow through if I’m too specific–I can’t even tell myself what to do! Sewing is supposed to be a fun hobby, so kudos for making sure that you keep it that way in the new year! 🙂

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