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{ LIESL & CO } The Weekend Getaway blouse…

I could say I had my eye on this pattern for some time, however I had kinda forgotten about it because there were all sorts of other patterns clouding my mind, for instance, the Belladone, the Anna, the Pendrell! Sometimes you need a gentle reminder though….My reminder came in the form of a lightning strike when Sew Busy Lizzy posted about her Liesl & Co Weekend blouse earlier in December. Seeing her Hawaiian version reminded me how lovely this little pattern was & I downloaded it immediately so Id never have to forget again.

Purchasing & downloading the pattern was super simple. I printed it off during the holidays & although it took a few head scratches to get it all glued together, once it was done, I was well on my way to sewing bliss. Their PDFs are a little unique in the sense that they are printed & put together differently to what you  may already have experienced with PDF patterns. A few of their pages are printed with 2 parts of the same pattern piece on one A4 for instance so you need to cut off the side of one to fit to another if you catch my drift. Its not complicated, its pretty easy really because each corner has a corresponding letter & number but it can be confusing at first. After figuring all the glueing, sticking & cutting out, I quickly made the FBA just incase I needed it. The instructions for the FBA are included in the pattern too!!Liesl&co_weekend_getaway_blouse

I wanted to make the dress but since I had no experience with the sizing of these patterns, I thought I would “muslin” up the blouse to check  before cutting into some nicer fabric. I used a piece of the polka dot crepey georgette I used to make NL6242 years ago. It had been languishing in my stash waiting for this opportunity. I then realised quite early in the project that the sizing was working well so it was quickly upgraded from muslin to the real deal. I had cut a size bigger than I should have but I was glad I had the extra fabric to make some little adjustments. Liesl&co_weekend_getaway_blouse_back_pleat

Sewing this blouse couldn’t be easier. I love the little pleat to the back and I love how the front comes together in the centre. I dont really understand why the back neck facing needs to be separate/different from the front facings so next time I might do those all in one thereby avoiding the bulk at the shoulder seams. I also sewed my front pieces together with a wider seam than instructed but thats only because I had the extra fabric to play. I would have made them wider if I had had more & again, I might adjust the pattern to allow for an even wider fold-out on the centre front for the dress.  I chose to french seam my shoulder & side seams which gives the blouse a lovely soft feel inside, with no tattered edges. { PLEASED }. I omitted the pockets coz I dont like pockets pasted right on my boobies  but I can imagine the pockets looking good with some fabrics.Liesl&co_weekend_getaway_blouse_back

All in all, I would highly recommend this pattern. Its a couple of hours with no difficulty at all and I can’t wait to try the dress with some lovely contrasts.

I still need to put together a post/review on the denim skirt you see with this blouse…coming soon, promise!

Here’s to more happy sewing in 2014 x

20 thoughts on “{ LIESL & CO } The Weekend Getaway blouse…

  1. I’ve been eying this pattern too and it’s going to be mine, MINE!! very soon. Yours is just gorgeous. That fabric is killing me, so perfect for this and … I want some now!

  2. This is a lovely blouse!! The airy fabric is perfect for it, though I’ll admit that I’m currently shivering just thinking about it… 😉 Winter sometimes does that to me, lol.

  3. This turned out quite pretty! Love the fabric and pattern. Your information about printing out patterns from online sources was timely. I have done it once for a dress and it was a lot of work – about 50 pages of printed pages!! No way to get around it I guess, but faster than waiting for a pattern to come by mail.

  4. I love every version of this blouse that I’ve seen, and yours is no exception. It looks so simple yet chic, so comfortable yet stylish. I would have bought this pattern myself, but I’m not sure it suits me, as I’m a jeans and tunic kind of gal, and the dress version doesn’t look too flattering.
    Great job!

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