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{ BLOG-IVERSARY } Celebrations & Giveaway…

Who woulda thunk I could make it through a whole year of blogging…with so much to say?!

Man, what a year it has been too!!

Shortly before starting the blog we had just moved into our new home after traveling & relocating for what seemed like a century but we finally dropped anchor for longer than a second. Boy did it feel { GOOOOOOOD }.  Having a place that you can call your own just releases all the good “juices” of creativity….although, having a place of your own also insures a drained bank account but hey ho…

This past year has been a productive one for me & my sewing.  I can hardly believe it was even possible to make more than one garment a month let alone 3 some months but having everything unpacked & in its place definitely helps with productivity. I cant tell you what a spoil it is to not have to embark on a hunt through mountains of boxes every time I need a piece of elastic or….{ HEAVEN }.

Ive not always been 100% satisfied with my me-mades but it would be boring if I was non? I think sewing is one of those hobbies that provides you with a lifetime of challenges irrelevant of your skill level – I { LOVE } that about sewing.

But most importantly, blogging has connected me with all you lovely sewcialists & I cant begin to say thank you for the support Ive received.  Honestly, you guys rock!! Ive never met any of you IRL but I feel like part of a worldwide family, albeit perhaps all with crooked sewing fingers, but still, the { BEST } kinda family. So


So with celebrations come gifts…



To celebrate my 1st blogiversary, Im giving away another pattern ( & I might even throw some other little goodies in too *wink wink*).  This Butterick 5850 is uncut in size 8-16. You can see some examples of this pattern out in the wild here, here & here – all superb!!

So if you wanna win this pattern, just leave a comment below and I will draw a winner on Friday 20th December 2013 around midday CET. The giveaway is open worldwide….{ GOOD LUCK }

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11 thoughts on “{ BLOG-IVERSARY } Celebrations & Giveaway…

  1. Congratulations on ‘lasting’ a whole year. I know how much effort goes in to every post, not to mention the time it takes to sew something first! You’ve made some great clothes this year.

  2. Happy Blogiversay and here’s to the next.
    What a delicious pattern; high enclosed neckline, but stil glam’ and a sleeve option.

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