{ FAVOURITE } Non-essential sewing tools/gadgets…

Today Im sharing with you my favourite sewing gadgets. Favourites for various reasons but mostly, I like smart tools that really help to save time. Also, a tool/gadget will become a fast favourite if it takes the frustration factor out of difficult jobs making my life easier & less stressful. I wouldn’t say sewing is a stressful hobby but when working with certain fabrics or shapes, sewing can quickly become quite challenging and Im pretty sure we’ve all been known to fling a garment or ten two out of sheer frustration.

Tools such as the rotary cutter/scissors, seam ripper etc may also be “favourites”, but I do consider them { ESSENTIAL TOOLS }.  The ones Im showing you today are tools that you absolutely can sew without, but for me, they are just great extras to have that really work well.

Good quality tools can be expensive but there are some cheap & cheerful ones out there too that do the job just as well, if not better.

So, lets get started :



Mine is never too far from me. Its the handiest tool in the sewing room because its a measuring tool, a shaping tool & its transparent so you dont have to keep lifting a ruler to see whats going on. If you are a pattern manipulator then you have to have one of these & if you trace upteen Burda patterns then I would highly recommend one too. Ive had mine for years & honestly, it helped me become a better sewer.


I bought these scissors when I lived in Holland & it was love at first snip. These suckers are super sharp and made extremely well. I absolutely love the pin-point ends making these the perfect scissors to get anywhere even your seam ripper cant go. They cut even on the very point which makes them über cool in my book. I use these for snipping thread ends, for snipping my notches once Ive cut out, for snipping into seams to ease around corners…if they could wash the dishes I would probably use them for that too…alas. For such a small pair of snips, these pack a real punch & I would cry real tears if I ever lost them. They are made in Japan by Kai.


This is a recent favourite actually. Up until April this year, I used to use the arm pin cushion & while I do like it very much, this magnetic dish floats my boat. I love how I just have to toss a pin in its general direction & { WHAM } it sticks.  It really does save me so much time. Ok, its milliseconds but those milliseconds add up! I still use my arm pin cushion when Im working on Poppy, but Im finding my pins are staying sharper for longer when I use the magnetic dish instead. I purchased mine in Salzburg but you can find them just about anywhere these days, sometimes even in fun bright colours.


Again, these are also a recent favourite but believe me, they make a world of difference when you sewing delicate fabrics. They are thinner than regular pins so they leave no holes & they are longer than my regular pins. Ive started using them when working with knits too because Ive found the regular pins will destroy a loop if you happen to stick it in at the wrong place. Keep your silk pins seperate from your regular pins!! You can pick these up at any good Haberdashery store.


I call both of these bodkins because essentially they do the same thing really…& that is feed fabric or elastic through a channel. The shorter one is great for elastics or drawstrings and the longer one is perfect for when your’e making spagetti straps or any straps for that matter.  Definite time savers and awesome little tools which dont cost much. You can find these at any good Haberdashery store.


Gone are the days of having to use the seam gauge to add seam allowances to the likes of Burda, LMB etc. This little gadget is filled with chalk that draws the line automatically as you roll & if thats not enough,  the arm adjusts to give you a choice of 1,5cm, 2,5cm & 4cm seam allowances for those that prefer either a smaller seam or larger seam allowance. Genius huh! It is quite moody when it comes to some fabrics but overall, its a great tool to take the frustration out of adding SA. You can purchase the chalk  refills separate in yellow or white. Mine is from the company Prym purchased through Buttinette.


Im a fanatic about pressing as you sew making the pressing ham a best friend. Pressing darts, shoulders and curved seams on  flat surface just sometimes doesnt do the job very well & you need a curved surface to get the press perfect…. I made my own using some scrap interior upholstery weight fabric and some sawdust from the factory. It takes no time at all (except the filling part) or you can find these at your haberdashery store.

So, do you have holy grail non-essential sewing tools or gadgets?

Do share. x


5 thoughts on “{ FAVOURITE } Non-essential sewing tools/gadgets…

  1. Hmmm- well I have the magnetic pin cushion and LOVE it. I also have a bodkin… But mostly you have just made me NEED some of these. I want one of those chalk tracing wheels and some silk pins. And I have needed a french curve ruler for a while. (I better get shopping!) ~Laurie

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