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{ McCALLS 6173 } Missoni madness…

I made leggings.

Missoni-inspired leggings.

& guess what peeps ? They are super comfie.

The only pants you will find in my wardrobe are jeans { PLENTY } and leggings. I have no other pants…oh no wait I lie, I do have a pair of navy pants & a pair of floral pants I purchased late last year that Ive never worn, but besides those random pairs, I prefer jeans or leggings.

Now Im not one of those girls who flaunts her ass to everyone in sundry when wearing leggings ok. Im quite conservative when it comes to showing ass actually. I dont like to see butt crack, on me or anyone else, & I certainly dont like seeing camel toe! So I keep my privates rather layered over because Im a good girl like that. Call me Old School if you’d like but thats how I roll so leggings only just make the grade in my wardrobe & even then, they have to be super cute & fit really well otherwise they { OUT }.

I like to wear leggings because they layer so well & you can get such awesome leggings these days to brighten up any wardrobe, especially during Autumn and Winter. A little peek-a-boo colour between your boots & a knitted dress is pretty cool IMO. I love to browse the Black Milk website for inspiration. I particularly like their Galaxy leggings as well as their Mermaid variety.

So when I saw this Missoni-inspired fabric, I knew I had to purchase a metre in order to squeeze out a pair of leggings for Autumn. These are the first leggings Ive ever made, but certainly not the last!!

Here are the deets peeps : McCalls_6173_tights2

{ DESCRIPTION }  McCalls 6173 Close fitting pants with various finishes ie. View A has waistband with mock fly front zipper and exposed zippers at the ankles, View B is straight up normal, View C has a normal elasticated waistband with gathered/ruched ankles. I made the straight up B’s.

{ FABRIC USED } 1 metre of viscose jersey purchased via Buttinette.

{ SIZING } Hmmm….I read all the reviews on PR but it was hard to judge on the sizing because stretch fabrics have various degrees of stretch(iness). Based on the envelope sizing, I cut a large but once I sewed the legs together I knew immediately I would drown in them so I cut away & then cut away & cut away some more. Im guessing I cut right down to a small! This is a picture of the leggings laid down under a pair of my store bought leggings. This was { AFTER } the first cut so I still had a way to go before they fit. McCalls_6173_tights1

{ INSTRUCTIONS } Since these leggings are pretty much one piece for each side & a waistband, I didnt even look at the instructions. { SIMPLE SEWING }.

{ ALTERATIONS / CHANGES } Absolutely none..unless you count the sizing issue an alteration.

{ LEVEL OF DIFFICULTY } I know over the summer I branded many a pattern super easy, for instance the McCalls 6751 and the Vogue 2091, this really is the simplest, easiest thing Ive sewn to date & perfect for beginners.

{ TIME } No time at all. An hour at the most providing you dont need to do numerous size adjustments.

{ SUM IT UP }  Highly recommended pattern for a basic legging that you really cant go wrong with. Super comfie if you use the right fabric & easy enough for a real beginner to make. I have short-ish legs so I managed to cut my leggings out of a metre fabric with a nice size offcut down one side. I always keep my offcuts because I know I can use them for something along the way. McCalls_6173_tights3

Have you made leggings ? If so, which ones? Id like to try leggings with some detail next time, not just at the ankle ie. zips or ruching. Id like to give it a go at some point with pleather strips or combination fabrics – could be really fun.

Whatever you do, or wherever you venture this weekend, stay safe x


14 thoughts on “{ McCALLS 6173 } Missoni madness…

  1. So cool… I’m liking your Missoni inspiration with these. I’m toying with buying a legging pattern (probably Cake Patterns Espresso pattern) so good to hear about another option.

  2. You are so funny! I, too, am not as open about sharing my body parts all over the place, LOL! But, LOVE,LOVE, LOVE, your Missoni inspired leggings! I have had this pattern for at least two years and never did anything with it. I’ve pulled it out numerous of times with intention. But, you have inspired me. I just bought a pair of boots yesterday…I love the idea of peek-a-boo leggings!! You look great in yours, and thanks for sharing!

    1. haha, thanks. i am to make you giggle 🙂
      yeah, its even worse thinking your body parts are up close & “inspectable” permanently if you put them online alas, the things we do for our sewing ‘eh!! x

  3. Cute! I’ve never worn a pair of leggings, but I keep thinking that this would be the perfect time to try! I love the fabric on these, funky yet subdued, and perfect for so many colored shirts/dresses! 🙂

    1. i highly recommend leggings but you have to make sure they fit properly…too snug & it will feel like you permanently have crotch issues, too big & they look like pjs..but they super comfie when done right & there are some great patterns avail these days. give ’em a try!!

  4. These are great! I’ve never had the nerve to wear flashy leggings, but I love seeing them on other people. Good job.

    1. thanks so much, you should give ’em a try, you’ll never stop i promise. try a black or dark blue or brown first & once you get comfortable in them then venture onto something printed.

  5. Love your missoni print leggings. I’ve made this pattern twice and love both pair. Can’t wait to see when you add some faux leather to the pattern. Please post so I can see how you make it work.

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