{ PANTONE } Spring 2014 Colour Palette

Pantone have released their Spring colour palette for 2014 and it would appear next year they reckon { DAZZLING BLUE } will be THE colour, just as Emerald is this years colour. Pantone_2014

{ source : Pantone }

I personally am not a blue fan, especially Facebook blue, but I am loving some of the other shades –  Cayenne, Paloma and Hemlock being my favourites.  When it comes down to the nitty gritty, the chosen colour of the year doesn’t really mean anything to me because I prefer to surround myself with colours that make me feel good, not just because they are chosen by the { WHOEVEVERS } as the colour of the year.  Saying that, I do like to see how the chosen colour/s filter down into wearable fashion as well as interior fashion just for interests sake.

What do you think of the 2014 palette? Feel inspired by any of the combinations?

10 thoughts on “{ PANTONE } Spring 2014 Colour Palette

  1. Mmmm, well Dazzeling (shocking) blue, seems to be a color that flatters me, being blonde and blue eyed. I already have a few items in my wardrobe from many years past in that color, though I think they may be an even deeper hue of blue. 🙂 that said, I too prefer to choose colors that flatter my skin type, eyes and hair when choosing items of clothing. As for my home decor… I don’t change it often enough to care what the colors are for the year; and certainly would not paint any room in my home dazzeling blue… 🙂

  2. I much prefer the colors of this year over those. I actually just painted part of a cabinet a color very similar to “dazzling blue” and the walls in that same room a color almost identical to the “paloma” grey, so apparently I’m extremely on trend. 😉 I probably won’t sew with any/many of those colors because they don’t suit my personal coloring or taste. I prefer brighter jewel tones; emerald, sapphire, ruby, amethyst, turquoise, aquamarine. Those are colors that appeal to me and look fantastic on me.

    1. You appear to be ahead of the trend Ma’am 🙂
      Hmm…you see, I could get behind a cabinet in dark blue – now you got me thinking! And yes, I think you have to wear what makes you feel fantastic!Thanks for sharing.

  3. I own so so many clothes that are very similar in colour to “dazzling blue” so it looks like I will be on trend unintentionally! I quite like all those colours, especially Cayenne, I do love coral.

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