{ REVISION } Somethings been bugging me…

…and it was time I tackled the beast.

Im sure many of you have made garments that look fabulous on the outside leaving much to be desired on the inside. My Wildest Dreams dress is one of those & now that Autumn is here & Im able to make use of the dress, with tights of course, Ive found myself loathing the way in which I finished this dress on the inside.  I was going to include pics but then I changed my mind. I feel dreadful about the standard of finish as it is, I really didnt have to reinforce that by adding pics so I could be forever be remembered as “The One that sews such shocking innards”! No, Id much rather be remembered as “The One that was too embarrassed to show the shocking innards”!

Moving right along shall we?!

If you’ve read my Wildest Dreams review then you’ll already know I sewed this dress under pressure. I was working full time during a stressful project and studying a full time syllabus after hours, with exams. To top things off I had to have surgery the same time to fix some of my own innards! Stressful would be an understatement perhaps. Anyway, we apparently make stupid decisions under stress….I took on the V1207. In my defense, it was meant to be an easy peasy project with amazing results. It ended up being one of the hardest dresses to fit & you might have seen a few other sewcialists tackle this dress with disappointing results as well.

Fitting issues aside, I really didnt take much care with finishing my seams well at all & while the fabric is beautiful, its one of the hardest Ive had to sew ever. Its a drapers dream but it frays like all hell & even though I pinked some seams, I didnt do them all. I should have overlocked all the seams for a neat finish – stress must’ve told me to leave them raw!  { DUH }.  Another problem was the zip! The dress has a very low back which I love but it was far too baggy at the zip area. I can only think this was due to post-surgery swelling. { TIP } : Never fit anything post surgery!!!

So the task lies ahead, fix all the seams so they dont fray & fit the back. Im quite keen to install an exposed zipper to the back actually….maybe in a bright blue to match the fabric, what do you think??  Im even thinking about removing the pockets alltogether. I never really liked the way they hung. Either way, the dress is under construction.

I cant wait to feel better about it.

Do you have projects with dodgy innards ? Have you gone back to fix the problems or do you wear the garment carrying around your little secret ??  Do share.

BTW, are any of you participating in #RedOctober ?


10 thoughts on “{ REVISION } Somethings been bugging me…

  1. I’ve left more than one garment with shoddy innards, but I’m too lazy to go back and fix them later, so I just embrace that they won’t last very long…which since it was my days before the serger, it’s not like they were high quality garments anyway, so NBD. Nowadays I serge every edge as soon as it’s cut for whatever reason, but I tend to let that be my finish of choice.

    Still on the fence about #RedOctober. It would be fun though, maybe I’ll have to see…I’ve got some red scraps that I could make a few panties out of, but that’s probably not what they have in mind. 😉

  2. I am participating in #RedOctober… I have a few things I SHOULD go back and fix- I think about it when I am wearing it and then “forget” when I am not! So we shall see! I guess it would depend on how much I LOVE it and wear it! 🙂 ~Laurie

  3. I applaud your willingness to revisit this dress and fix what you don’t care for – even if no one else will see it. I don’t usually have the time to think about re-doing something if its for myself. That may change now that I’m making a brand new wardrobe.

    1. Thanks, this is the first time Ive gone back & fixed my sewing so you must know, this innards of this dress is chaos. Im usually very diligent with making sure its pretty inside too.

  4. Don’t worry about it. Its a choice – choose to finish the garment perfectly inside and out,or choose to fling it together and wear it anyway. I gave up listening to that carping inner voice about fraying seams, thread ends and botched facings. Carpe diem.

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