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{ VOGUE 8827 } Has gone nowhere…

Last time I mentioned V8827 it was well underway but since then Ive done el-squato!

I had big plans to sew this past Sunday however little did I know we would only crawl through the front door after 3am post wedding….yip, we had an absolutely { FANTASTIC } time.  The bride & groom could not have been more blessed with a better day.  It was so much fun to spend quality time with friends so I cant say Im bummed for having not been in any shape to sew on Sunday as planned. I know some of you wanted to see pics of the dirndl I wore & I will get to it, I just haven’t had time to even upload the pics let alone process them…..coming soon { PROMISE }.

As you know, Ive started german school so my mondays & tuesdays are full 8 hour school days but hopefully the rest of the week I will have the afternoons to sneak some sewing in.

Ok lovelies, trust you’ve had a good start to the week x



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