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{ VOGUE 8827 } Cut ‘n Ready to rumble…


Vogue 8827 is well underway…after a shaky start!

Firstly, I didnt have nearly enough fabric to even get the short version out so I beetled off back to the fabric store for more, all the way praying they still had this colourway in stock. When I purchased this fabric I didnt have this dress in mind, I just bought some because I loved the colour…just so you dont think Im an egg-head for not buying enough. { OK }. So once I got the extra piece home it needed to be washed which I smacked through on Saturday evening & by Sunday evening I had already cut more than half the pieces.

With German school starting this week, I pretty much came home pooped both Monday & Tuesday. Sewing does calm & clear my mind but I felt exhausted & didnt want to make any mistakes or worse still, cut my finger off with the rotary cutter. Since today was a shorter school day, I came home feeling stronger & cut the remaining pieces.

So Im all cut ‘n ready to rumble.

The cutting process was quite tiring in the sense that viscose jersey rolls & flops so its quite difficult to get a hand on it but now that the cutting is done, Im excited to start the sewing process. { GRIN }

A wedding this weekend has scuppered my plans to sew on Saturday but I see  you Mr Sunday… & its a date. { BTW }, this will be the first traditional wedding I attend in Austria & therefore the first time I get to don a dirndl.  I hate to admit this but I did not make my own dirndl. At first we weren’t going to wear traditional kit but last weekend we decided why the fuck not??!….. The thought most definitely crossed my mind but I couldnt find a dirndl pattern I fancied. Lord knows I have enough fabric to whip up a few… so if any of you lovelies know of a great dirndl pattern, please leave the deets down below. Thanks

Okie dokie thats all I have for today x

5 thoughts on “{ VOGUE 8827 } Cut ‘n Ready to rumble…

  1. I have bougt a special pattern magazine when visiting Austria only with dirndls… I love them! I hope you will take picktures wearing dirndl and put on blog – please 🙂
    Success with school! and thise gorgeous dress 🙂

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