friday favourite


I used to cross stitch, you know, those little kits, normally squares with teddies or flowers or whatever.  I also enjoyed it but WTF do you do with a hundred 10 x 10 teddies or flowers? So I gave away all my cross stitch kit years ago – 10 x 10s included.  Progressing onto bigger projects should have been the way to go but I guess I got bored.

Then I see an ensemble like this!  Look at all that colour, look at all that work.              { S W O O N }.

Thou shall not be tempted by cross-stitch – with sewing & knitting, my life is full. enough. thank you.

But a girl can have a good ‘ol perve right?!

Happy Friday all, have a good weekend xx-stitch_dress

{ source : Daksha Blouse & skirt | Anthropologie }



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