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{ TIPTRICK TUESDAY } Sorting needles…


Not sure about you but I can never read the size of the needle up there on the top…my eyes are not made for it. So to eliminate the stress I had to devise a way to store my WIP needles without having to put them back into their boxes.

All you need is a piece of polystyrene, a marker & off you go. The image pretty much says it all.

No more guessing, no more straining of the eyes… { EASY AS THAT }…as long as no-one fiddles!


11 thoughts on “{ TIPTRICK TUESDAY } Sorting needles…

  1. That’s a brilliant idea! I have been gumming the box to the front of the sewing machine with blu tack, and trying to remember to put the needle back when I’ve finished, but your idea tops that.

  2. This is the best tip I have found in a very long time – and to think I’ve been tossing that stuff! I guess I’ll rescue at least a portion for this idea. Thanks so much!!

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