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{ KNITTED } Bolero with sparkle…

I mentioned a few weeks back that I was almost finished on the silver grey bolero I was knitting up so as promised, here it is. vienna_bolero_front1

{ THE PATTERN } comes courtesy of the Drops Design website using the Cloud pattern. Its terribly easy to follow but saying that, Im not sure I followed it to the letter. Almost as soon as I had begun, I had made a few changes to the amount of stitches required & how many to increase & decrease to allow for the “sleeve”. Since it is so simple, the changes were minor & purely added because I wanted a bit more slouchiness than usual/advised. You could crank these out in no time if you focussed purely on knitting but you know me, Ive got my fingers in too many darn pies!!

Even though its quite simple, its still rather versatile too. I like that I can hike it up more around the neck for extra warmth or leave it single layer & therefore have it fall lower on my back…pretty neat, but maybe that happened because I allowed for some extra length & width giving me more bolero…dunno!

I also like that since this is really just a long rectangular thing, it could double up as a scarf without anyone knowing the difference! Wrap, tuck…off you go.vienna_bolero_front2

{ THE YARN } I used Rico Design Fashion Romeo  which sounds like a mouth full but its a lovely silvery grey 100% cotton with sparkly silver sequins incorporated. This is my first time knitting with sequins so at first I found it a little strange but you get used to it pretty fast & the sequins will just knit through as normal. You do need to take care if the sequins falls right inside a stitch but since this was quite a loose knit using UK size 10 needles, it wasn’t too much of a hassle.

The yarn is super soft, feels like cashmere to be honest. Unfortunately, it comes in limited colours (black, royal blue, green, fushia, turquoise, white, silver) & Im all over it like a rash.  I even purchased the sister yarn, Julia, which comes in the same colours however instead of the sequins, it has lurex thread…. { PRETTY HUH }. Not sure yet what Im going to make with Ms Julia, but rest assured, I’ll find something. Oh, & I purchased my yarn during the last sale at Deramores – where I purchase all my knitting goodies.

Would I recommend this ? { OF COURSE I WOULD }. Its a lovely little knitting project to keep your fingers occupied while you catch up on telly or travel & the sparkly sparklies are super cute & make an otherwise boring bolero into something glamourous & girlie.vienna_bolero


Thats all for today folks…see ya soon x


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